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Spree is a complete open source commerce solution for Ruby on Rails. It was developed by Sean Schofield under the original name of Rails Cart before changing its name to Spree.

Refer to the Spree ecommerce project page to learn more.


Running the Gem


Browse Store


Browse Admin Interface


Working with the edge source (latest and greatest features)

The source code is essentially a collection of gems. Spree is meant to be run within the context of Rails application. You can easily create a sandbox application inside of your cloned source directory for testing purposes.

  1. Clone the git repo

    git clone git://github.com/railsdog/spree.git spree
    cd spree
  2. Install the gem dependencies

    bundle install
  3. Create a sanbox rails application for testing purposes

    rails new sandbox -m sample/sandbox_template.rb
    cd sandbox
  4. Generate the necessary Spree files

NOTE: We'll soon have a single convenience generator for running each of these

    rails g spree_core:install
    rails g spree_api:install
    rails g spree_auth:install
    rails g spree_dashboard:install
    rails g spree_payment_gateway:install
    rails g spree_promotions:install
    rails g spree_sample:install
  1. Bootstrap the database (run the migrations, create admin account, optionally load sample data.)

    rake db:bootstrap
  2. Prepare the test database (optional - only if you're going to run the tests)

    rake db:test:prepare
  3. Start the server

    rails server

Running Tests

Once you have the edge source working (see above) you can run the tests as follows

  1. Change to the directory containing the engine/gem to test

    cd core
  2. Run the tests

    rspec spec


Spree is an open source project. We encourage contributions. Please see the contributors guidelines before contributing. Do not send a Github pull request - it will be ignored.