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download youtube videos, convert them to mp3, and play them in a vlc playlist as they are processed

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YoutubeJukebox in Ruby

A ruby script that downloads youtube videos, converts them to mp3, and plays them in a vlc playlist as they are processed.
Will be used as a starting point for an MPD based system.

Note: It can be a little buggy sometimes, but this is usually caused when the video isnt downloaded fast enough. A future version will hopefully include a processing queue to limit the number of videos processing at any one time. Til then, I wouldn’t recommending doing more than 3 at once.


  • linux software
    • ffmpeg
    • lame
    • youtube-dl
    • libmp3lame (or libavcodec-unstripped-52 for ubuntu)
$ sudo apt-get install lame ffmpeg libavcodec-unstripped-52 youtube-dl
$ sudo gem install highline youtube-g


$ ./youtubejukebox.rb

Please enter a query to search for a track: shapeshifter

(0) – Shapeshifter – Bring Change (Official Music Video)
(1) – Shapeshifter – Electric Dream
(2) – HORSE The Band – Shapeshift (Official Music Clip)
(3) – Shapeshifter – Long White Cloud
(4) – Shapeshifter – When I Return feat. Ladi6
(5) – shapeshifter – dutchies
(6) – Shapeshifter – One
(7) – The Shapeshifters – Chime
(8) – The Shapeshifters – Back To Basics

Press ‘x’ to search for something else. < b or n > to change page of results. | page 1 of 5
Please enter the number of your selected video: 1

= Title: Shapeshifter – Electric Dream
= URL:
= Starting flv download, on-the-fly conversion, then starting vlc & queuing track…

Please enter the number of your selected video: _

Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.