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Why I still use Gmail

But it's proprietary!

Well yeah. But it's really convenient. It's really fast (for me), it has filters and tags, and all the other alternatives I've tried, like roundcube, don't even layout: post come close.

I don't feel like using Gmail is restricting my freedom. I can redirect mail to Gmail, from Gmail to the outside world, forward, receive, and respond to anything. Besides, the Android app is way better than stock e-mail.

Besides, we use it at work. It just feels like the best tool for the job

Why not write a client yourself?

Well I'd love to, if I ever find the time. Unfortunately, pretty much everything about e-mail sucks, similary to how pretty much everything about $blog/BitTorrent[BitTorrent] rocks.

I'm not a fan of POP3, and IMAP looks complicated - in any case you have to store everything on your own server because it's way too slow - but that's not all, you also have to cache it client-side, which requires a whole framework just to get right.

In my opinion, Google nailed it and it would take more than a week-end to build something up to the task.

If you do write one, let me know!

Will do! Drop me a line at if you're interested.

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