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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ about giving up, so I got a few surprised reactions to it.
-But most importantly, I got an e-mail from the co-founder of
+But most importantly, I got an e-mail from the co-founder of [][gfm]
himself :) While I won't take the liberty to reproduce it here, it was, overall,
very encouraging. They're a hardworking team as well, and I admire what they've
been able to put out, but they appreciate the competition as much as anyone.
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ Between small structures, the relation is rather friendly: we all know there's
a problem, but no one's been able to crack it quite yet, so as long as there's
cash around, we'll keep trying.
Since the last week has been crazy, I found myself compelled to write about
what I would have missed, had I given up on altogether at the time of
that previous blog post.
@@ -30,12 +32,14 @@ that previous blog post.
### UXRomandie
Even with the gloomy perspective my wednesdsay left me in, I went ahead and
-gave a small talk about at UXRomandie. It's an event part of a larger
+gave a small talk about at [UXRomandie][uxr]. It's an event part of a larger
UX organization, focused on exploring new venues to improve user experience in
technology in general. Since is usually praised for its interface, it
seemed like a good fit for an evening at UXRomandie. (Lots of thanks to Simon
Farine for inviting me there, by the way!)
The first surprise was that there was already users among the
audience, and that they started to use it even before they had heard of the
conference. So I got to meet a few of them and get direct feedback on the
@@ -63,11 +67,13 @@ with [@SwissTengu](st), a member of the Swiss pirate party, and blogger.
-Apparently there was to be a meeting the next evening in the SUISA offices,
+Apparently there was to be a meeting the next evening in the [SUISA][suisa] offices,
about the reform of copyright law in Switzerland. I quickly decided to attend,
just to see what it was like. We were about 15 participants, in a cosy Lausanne
office, discussing about the future of retribution for artists and producers.
The participants were either artists, producers, pirates, or jurists for the
SUISA. SUISA is a rights management cooperative for all of Switzerland. Most
Swiss artists are signed up there, which allows them to outsource the licensing
@@ -84,7 +90,7 @@ only to penalize third-parties trying to monetize copyrighted content without
paying the rightsholder dutifully. (For example, if started to sell
movies to Swiss citizens without worrying about rights.)
-Another point was that, even though there's an official "discussion group"
+Another point was that, even though there's [an official "discussion group"][bern]
assembled in Berne, to the request of the Swiss government, to overhaul
copyright law in Switzerland, it seems unlikely that the law will change in the
next few years. Part of the reason is that, in Switzerland, there's always a
@@ -93,6 +99,8 @@ before changing anything. Nevertheless, the current situation is basis for
political pressure on Switzerland mostly from American lobbies: recently, it
was even put on a "black list" of pirate countries.
However, getting out of this ditch isn't going to be really easy. Any move
regarding the legislation in the area of copyright and downloading in
Switzerland would be regarded as backwards by the general population. The least
@@ -173,22 +181,26 @@ looking forward to improvements to the website, and shutting it down would be
letting them down.
And since I'm never entirely satisfied with anything I do, I kept working on
-it. One big point was i18n, I've integrated tr8n, a rails-friendly
+it. One big point was i18n, I've integrated [tr8n][tr8n], a rails-friendly
internationalization plug-in, which will allow our userbase to translate the
website in over 233 languages. Integration is not quite ready yet but I'm
willing to test it with a limited amount of users to see how it goes.
I've also overhauled almost all pages on the website that deserved some love.
Most of them are subtle tweaks, but there are more fundamental changes also:
the story view for watchlists has been completely revamped and now makes
watchlists into "works of art", taking full advantage of the gorgeous backdrops
-TMDb gracefully makes available. Editing watchlists now also show you
+[TMDb][tmdb] gracefully makes available. Editing watchlists now also show you
"suggested additions" so that you can discover films similar to what you
already have in your list. In a similar fashion, movie pages show the top 4
most popular watchlists containing a particular movie: I think this will help
with watchlist discovery.
-The integration got some love as well. I discovered a bug in their API
+The [][putio] integration got some love as well. I discovered a bug in their API
that made it impossible to stream many movies, simply because the API response
claimed there was no MP4 available, even though we had requested its conversion
earlier. I've implemented a work-around and now all movies should play files.
@@ -197,6 +209,8 @@ nothing I can do about them for now, unfortunately. I still recommend using
[XBMC]( to watch movies from though, that's the best way
for me!
The topbar has seen some love: it's a lot clearer, the "loves" is gone :( but
there's additional information: notifications can now be seen from any page
thanks to a pop-over (a-la Facebook), and if you have a linked account

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