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// ooc imports
import structs/[List, ArrayList]
// rock imports
import frontend/[SourceReader, Lexer, Token, ListReader]
// meta imports
import Rule, Node, rules/GroupRule, io/TabbedWriter
* Applies rules to a list of tokens in order to build an AST
* (Abstract Syntax Tree)
Parser: class {
rules: ArrayList<Rule>
tw := static TabbedWriter new(stdout)
init: func {
rules = ArrayList<Rule> new()
addRule: func (rule: Rule) {
rules add(rule)
parse: func (path: String) {
sReader := SourceReader getReaderFromPath(path)
tokens := Lexer new() parse(sReader)
for(token: Token in tokens) {
printf("%s ", token toString(sReader))
reader := ListReader<Token> new(tokens)
while (reader hasNext()) {
node := apply(reader, sReader)
if(node) {
if(reader hasNext()) {
reader peek()
printf(" -> Got node '%s' at %d\n\n", node type name, reader peek() start)
} else {
printf(" -> Got node '%s' at the end\n\n", node type name)
} else {
token := reader peek()
printf("!! Choked on token '%s' at %s\n", token toString(), sReader getLocation(token start, token length) toString())
printf("\nParsing ended successfully =)\n")
apply: func (reader: ListReader<Token>, sReader: SourceReader) -> Node {
node = null : Node
rule: Rule
mark := reader mark()
// applying
for(rule in rules) {
// we only want root rules here
if(!rule isRoot()) continue
//token := reader peek()
//loc := sReader getLocation(token start, token length) toString()
//printf(" [%s] trying rule '%s' at %s\n", "root", rule name, loc)
node = rule apply(reader, sReader)
if(node) {
printf(" [%s] '%s' matched!\n", "root", rule name)
break // if we matched, stop there - we're happy
reader seek(mark) // didn't match? try again at the same pos.
if(!node) return null
// we're gonna descend recursively into rules. As long as
// node is non-null, we keep going down.
descend := true
while(descend) {
descend = false // so that if no leaf matched, we stop trying.
printf(" [%s] descending from rule '%s'\n", "root", rule name)
descend = tryLeafs(node&, rule&, reader, sReader)
return node
tryLeafs: func (node: Node@, rule: Rule@, reader: ListReader<Token>, sReader: SourceReader) -> Bool {
if(rule leafs) for(leaf: Rule in rule leafs) {
//token := reader peek()
//loc := sReader getLocation(token start, token length) toString()
//printf(" [%s] trying leaf '%s' -> '%s' at %s\n", "root", rule name, leaf name, loc)
mark := reader mark()
subNode := leaf subApply(reader, sReader, node)
if(subNode) {
printf(" [%s] leaf '%s' -> '%s' matched!\n", "root", rule name, leaf name)
node = subNode
rule = leaf
return true // keep descending - who knows? and stop searching leafs
//printf(" [%s] No luck for '%s' -> '%s' :/\n", "root", rule name, leaf name)
reader seek(mark)
// FIXME ugly workaround with references.
rrule : Rule = rule
if(rrule class == GroupRule) {
//printf(" [%s] Now trying leaf of sub-rules of group '%s'\n", "root", rule name)
rules := rule as GroupRule rules
for(subRule: Rule in rules) {
//printf(" [%s] Trying leaf of sub-rule '%s'\n", "root", subRule name)
if(tryLeafs(node&, subRule&, reader, sReader)) {
rule = subRule
return true
return false
build: func {
for(rule: Rule in rules) {
rule build()
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