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Build instructions for ooc
The source distribution is spread mainly for study, but if you want to
build it yourself, here's what it take:
- GNU Make
- Apache Ant
- a POSIX-ish shell (bash is fine, and so is MSYS for MinGW/Windows)
- GCC 4.x with java support (gcj front-end) (last builds work very
well on MinGW/Windows)
If you have everything set up correctly, including paths, etc., just type
$ make
In the main ooc directory, and it should compile fine =) The output is
an executable in the bin/ooc directory, statically linked to gcj.
The provided Makefile is very easy to understand, and works perfectly
under Gentoo and Windows XP+MinGW+MSYS.
If you want to build from .java source (not from .class), you have
to check out 'ubi' as well (ooc depends on it), you can find on GitHub
The garbage collector (libgc.a) is the Boehm GC. It's very portable.
It can be downloaded from
You're welcome if you want to build binaries for 64-bit platforms,
Solaris*, BSD*, etc. I'm reachable at for discussion
about this.
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