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ooc compiler written in ooc

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rock is an ooc compiler written in ooc - in other words, it's
where things begin to become really exciting.

it has been bootstrapping since 2010-04-22 under Gentoo, Ubuntu,
Arch Linux, Win32, OSX..


See the INSTALL file


Q: How did you bootstrap?
A: From Java: It was a lot of fun and frustration

Q: Do I need that j/ooc (java) version of the compiler to compile this?
A: No. Let it die. We distribute rock as C sources now. (Remember, ooc
   usually compiles down to C)

Q: If I don't need another ooc compiler to compile this one, how does it work?
Q: What does 'make bootstrap' do?
A: 'make bootstrap' builds a rock binary from the C sources in build/c-source,
   calls it bin/c_rock, and uses it to recompile itself to bin/rock
Q: I'm a naughty boy and I've read the Makefile. What does 'make prepare_bootstrap' do?
A: It uses rock to generate the build/ directory, with -driver=make. Yes, it's awesome.
Q: What platforms/OSes are supported?
A: It has been tested on Gentoo, Ubuntu, Windows XP (with Mingw32 and GCC 4.4),
   and OSX.
   'make prepare_bootstrap' may be shaky on Windows/OSX because of 
   sed syntax differences (used to patch the produced build/Makefile). You're
   better off preparing bootstrap on a Linux, just like we do for source releases.


rock is distributed under a BSD license, see LICENSE for details.
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