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Hi! The world is yours.

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What is the bootstrap?

The bootstrap is a support net for self-driven people in Switzerland.

To learn more about it, visit

You can also read my long-winded post on the thought process behind it: Hi, the world is yours!

I'm not in Switzerland, what's in it for me?

Not much so far. Since it's open-source software, you could just roll out your own instance.

However, I'd rather work directly with you and set you up with a subdomain for your own community: this way we don't get too fragmented.

Remember that the bootstrap exists to serve existing real-life communities, not to create online communities out of thin air.

If you're interested in a bootstrap subdomain for your own community, open an issue on GitHub or drop me an e-mail

I want to get the software to run, where do I start?

Read, it should get you started quickly.

Have fun!

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