On this github page you will find the results of each tutorial result.
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Godot Tutorial Series

This is my godot tutorial series project. All Tutorial steps will be here on github as separate release. Just head over to the release section and download the sources. Have fun watching the series and hopefully you can learn something.

Goal of that series is to recreate my gBot Project step by step. We will start very basic and than improve on each step. I also have my final gBot Project here on github.

Full Playlist

You can find the full tutorial Series here

#Videos List of topics:

01 - Introduction, Interface and Projectsetup

02 - Creating new nodes and applying phyisics

03 - Starting with scripting (creating a basic character movement)

04 - Movement Refinement of our character

05 - Setting up a Statemachine, Character rotation and doublejump behavior

06 - We discuss Godots Scene System and Godots Resource System

07 - Setting up our visual sprite based character with rig

08 - Animation our Character

09 - Combine the animated Character with the scripted character

10 - Add touch buttons and resolution independent viewport zoom