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A Joomla! system plugin to compile .less files on the fly.
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System - Less Compiler

A Joomla! System Plugin, compiles templates .less files on page load only if they changed. Implemented with lessphp

Client side compiler by @piotr-cz for easy debugging. It maps the .css file back to .less files. This means you can see where classes have been defined. Speeds up template development. See clientside compiler instructions


Joomla! 2.5.x up to 3.3.x Twitter Bootstrap 2.x + 3.x



Features Overview

  • compiles template.less file and all imported files to template.css
  • supports Twitter Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x (thanks to @robwent)
  • uses caching to track changes and better performance
  • option to force compilation on each reload
  • option to compress .css output
  • option to preserve comments
  • less and css path configurable
  • client-side compiler for easier .less debugging, thanks to @piotr-cz
  • compatible with J! 2.5 + 3.x
  • Option to parse only frontend, backend or both
  • Paths for frontend and backend template configurable
  • fr-FR translation contributed by
  • ru-RU translation contributed by Pazys


a) Download latest release from Tags and install via Joomla! Extension Manager

b) Download latest zipball (development state) and install via Joomla! Extension Manager

Feedback and Issues

Help and Contribute

a) By pull requests

b) For small fixes/translations you can also use Github's built-in editor

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