Ansible Playbook to start a Swarm cluster with Docker 1.12
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Swarm Cluster on AWS with Docker 1.12

The main playbook creates a cluster of EC2 instances on AWS, makes sure Docker 1.12+ is installed, and initializes Swarm on it.

It requires Ansible version 2.1+, please check on Ansible web site for the upgrade procedure appropriate for your system.

Amazon resources

The key and infrastructure roles will create a ssh key, a security group and EC2 instances on AWS. The docker and swarm roles will update Docker, start the service and initialize the Swarm.

Docker is prepared for production use, the devicemapper using a LVM thin pool.


A VPC and a subnet (see configuration keys in dist.yml).


the dist.yml file contains default values. the playbook will look for a custom.yml file, any variable defined there will override the dist.yml file.

key description default value
aws_profile AWS CLI Profile Name default
aws_region AWS Region eu-west-1
aws_vpc_id VPC Id
aws_subnet_id Subnet Id
ssh_key Name of The AWS Ssh Key swarm
swarm_security_group_name Security Group Name swarm
swarm_num_managers Number of Swarm Manager Nodes 1
swarm_num_workers Number of Swarm Manager Workers 1
swarm_instance_type EC2 Instance Type t2.medium
volume_size Size Of The Docker Devicemapper Volume (GB) 100
docker_repo_channel Channel of the Docker repo (main, testing, experimental) main

AMI id

swarm_template: ami-7abd0209 # CentOS Linux 7 x86_64 HVM EBS 1602 eu-west-1

OS Family of the AMI

image_os_distribution: CentOS

Build a Swarm

Full play

$ ansible-playbook swarm.yml

The inventory will be updated with the list of EC2 instances, in a swarm_mgr and swarm_node group, as well as a parent swarm group.

Partial play

The plays can be limited with the use of tags.

  • key: creates/get the AWS key
  • provisioning creates the EC2 instances, the security group and updates the inventory
  • docker updates the Docker engine, enable the service, initializes the Swarm

Adhoc commands

$ ansible -i inventory swarm -b -m shell -a "docker version | grep Version"
 Version:      1.12.1
 Version:      1.12.1
 Version:      1.12.1