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MPSSH - Mass Parallel Secure Shell
(c) 2005-2015 Nikolay Denev <>

mpssh is a parallel ssh tool. What it does is connecting to a number of hosts
specified in the hosts file and execute the same command on all of them,
showing a nicely formatted output with each line prepended with the hostname
that produced the line. It is also possible to specify a script on the local filesystem
that will be first scp copied to the remote host and then executed.

The hosts file allows to specify different usernames and ports for each host, and also
to group hosts under different "labels" and then execute mpssh against certain label.

The ssh fork rate and parallelism can be controlled to keep the load on the machine
that executes mpssh under control.

mpssh uses the ssh binary from the openssh package, and executes it directly.
There are no other external dependancies.
mpssh depends on preexisting passwordless authentication method such as
pubkey or kerberos to work.

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