Far Out Fowl is a webOS game written by Frank W. Zammetti for use in an instructional tutorial on http://developer.palm.com
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Far Out Fowl - a webOS game by Frank W. Zammetti

Why did the giant space chicken cross the GALAXY? Who cares! Welcome to Far Out Fowl!

Far Out Fowl is a Canvas gaming tutorial designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of game development. This is the source code for the accompanying article "Far Out Fowl: An Exercise in webOS Canvas Game Development," which can be found at http://developer.sbqa.palm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1987.

Game Summary

The cosmic destroyer, a fowl beast (get it?!?) has launched an all-out attack on the Earth. It's up to you, chicken farmer Joe, to defeat this menace from beyond the stars!

Catch the poison eggs the chicken drops before they splatter and release their toxins upon the world.

Control your basket by pressing the Q and P keys to move left and right, or tap the left and right sides of the screen, or tilt your device left and right.

You also have available to you a missile system with which to attack the chicken. Hitting the chicken causes it to pause temporarily.

Fire your missile by pressing space bar or flicking your device forward. Note that you can only have a single missile in flight at a time.

You get points for catching eggs and hitting the chicken. Splattered eggs cost points and damage your basket. Too much damage ends the game. Missile strikes on the chicken repairs your basket a bit.

Click Start whenever you're ready Joe and get to saving the world!