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Iniparser 4

I - Overview

This modules offers parsing of ini files from the C level. See a complete documentation in HTML format, from this directory open the file html/index.html with any HTML-capable browser.

Key features :

  • Small : around 1500 sloc inside 4 files (2 .c and 2 .h)
  • Portable : no dependancies, written in -ansi -pedantic C89
  • Fully reintrant : easy to make it thread-safe (just surround library calls by mutex)

II - Building project

A simple make at the root of the project should be enough to get the static (i.e. libiniparser.a) and shared (i.e. libraries compiled.

You should consider trying the following rules too :

  • make check : run the unitary tests
  • make example : compile the example, run it with ./example/iniexample

III - License

This software is released under MIT License. See LICENSE for full informations

IV - Versions

Current version is 4.1. Version 4.0 introduces breaking changes in the api. Older versions 3.1 and 3.2 with the legacy api are available as tags.


See in this directory for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.