Alternate Assembler for Spin Semi FV-1
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Alternate Assembler for Spin Semi FV-1

Copyright (C) 2017 Nathan Fraser

An alternate assembler for the Spin Semiconductor FV-1 DSP. This assembler aims to replicate some of the behaviour of the Spin FV-1 assembler in standard Python, for developers who are unable or unwilling to use the Spin provided IDE.


  • Python >= 3


  • pip3 install asfv1


asfv1 is based on information in the FV-1 datasheet and AN0001 "Basics of the LFOs in the FV-1". It assembles a DSP program into machine code, ready for uploading to the FV-1.

There are some minor quirks:

  • Signed fixed point arguments (S1.14, S1.9, S.10) may be entered using an unsigned integer equivalent value. This causes a conflict with SpinASM, when entries like -1 and 1 are interpreted differently depending on how they are used. In asfv1, all operands are treated alike, so to specify a real number, the decimal part is compulsory: Eg -1.0, 1.0.

  • By default, immediate values that would overflow available argument sizes will generate an error and abort assembly. Command line option -c (--clamp) will instead restrict the value, where possible, and issue a warning.

  • Unlike the Spin assembler, non-sensical but othwerwise valid arguments are assembled without error.

  • Real numbers differ very slightly from those in the datasheet. Specifically:

    • Max S.23 0x7fffff = 0.9999998807907104
    • Max S.15 0x7fff = 0.999969482421875
    • Max S1.14 0x7fff = 1.99993896484375
    • Max S.10 0x3ff = 0.9990234375
    • Max S1.9 0x3ff = 1.998046875
    • Max S4.6 0x3ff = 15.984375
  • This assembler builds a single DSP program from a single source file, and always outputs exactly 128 instructions. If the program length is less than 128 instructions, the remaining instruction slots are skipped with an explicit SKP. Command line option -n (--noskip) will leave only SKP 0,0 instructions.

  • Input is assumed to be utf-8 text.

  • By default the output is written to an intel hex file at offset 0x0000 (program 0). To select an alternate offset, command line option -p can select a target program from 0 to 7. When output is set to binary with -b (--binary), the program number option is ignored.

For more information on the FV-1, refer to the Spin website:

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