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libgphoto2 README.packaging
This file describes a number of things you should know when building
packages (.debs, .rpms, ports, emerges, etc. pp.)
libgphoto2 and libgphoto2_port
The libgphoto2 library builds on the libgphoto2_port library, which is
thus internally contained within every libgphoto2 release. By
installing libgphoto2, you always also install libgphoto2_port.
Installed files
A standard install of libgphoto2 does about this:
* The most important files:
* ${libdir}/libgphoto2.{a,la,so}
* ${libdir}/libgphoto2/<VERSION>/*.{a,la,so} (camlibs)
* ${libdir}/libgphoto2_port.{a,la,so}
* ${libdir}/libgphoto2_port/<VERSION>/*.{a,la,so} (iolibs)
In most cases, you can remove the *.a and *.la files from the
list of files to ship.
* Packaging helpers:
* ${utilsdir}/libgphoto2/print-camera-list
* ${utilsdir}/libgphoto2/print-usb-usermap (linux-hotplug, obsolete)
* ${udevscriptdir}/check-mtp-device
* ${udevscriptdir}/check-ptp-camera
Defaults: utilsdir=${libdir}, ${udevscriptdir}=${libdir}/udev.
You probably want to ./configure udevscriptdir=/lib/udev and possibly
utilsdir='${libexecdir}', depending on your system.
* Documentation:
* Man pages:
* ${mandir}/man3/libgphoto2.3
* ${mandir}/man3/libgphoto2_port.3
* ${docdir}/camlibs/README.* (camlib docs)
* ${docdir}/apidocs.html/ API docs
You may want to install these files into your custom locations.
If you separate library from libfoo-devel packages, the former
should probably ship with the camlib docs, and the general README
and NEWS. Try configure --with-docdir=.
* Translated strings:
* ${datadir}/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/
* ${datadir}/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/
* ${datadir}/libgphoto2/<VERSION>/konica/*
These files are required for the konica camlib to work at all.
* For developers:
* ${includedir}/gphoto2/gphoto2*.h
* ${libdir}/pkgconfig/libgphoto2.pc
* ${libdir}/pkgconfig/libgphoto2_port.pc
Note that utilsdir, udevscriptdir, etc. can be set at configure
time. See "configure --help".
Permission setup
We consider it a bug in the package if the package does not offer a
way for the user to just plug in his camera and use it. This may at
most require adding the user to a "camera" or "plugdev" group.
You will want to create HAL or UDEV rules by running this utility:
* print-camera-list
This utility requires libgphoto2 and its camlibs being installed,
* at package building time by doing a DESTDIR based temporary
install somewhere and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CAMLIBS before
running print-camera-list
* at package installation time as a post installation hook
The UDEV rules require two helper scripts/binaries, which obviously
need to be installed by the package:
* check-mtp-device (not working yet)
* check-ptp-camera
You can either use fixed permissions in the generated rules, or call
your own permission setup script to dynamically decide what to do.
(Contemporary example scripts are not being shipped yet.)
Development packages
The recommended way to use libgphoto2 in a build process is to use
pkg-config and thus these files really should be shipped in a package:
* /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libgphoto2.pc
* /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libgphoto2_port.pc
We are still shipping
* /usr/bin/gphoto2-config
* /usr/bin/gphoto2-port-config
for compatibility reasons, but that will obviously break when you have
a /usr/lib64 vs. /usr/lib conflict. That problem is one the packager
will have to resolve - we consider this mechanism obsolete.
End of file.
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