Twitter Bootstrap for WordPress Admin
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Bootstrap for WordPress Admin

A simple plugin made to transform the WordPress admin GUI/UX into pure beauty by applying Twitter Bootstrap styles and JS.

Bootstrap for WordPress admin Preview

Quick start

  • Clone the git repo into your WordPress Plugins folder - git clone git:// - or download it
  • Activate!

Current Status

At this initial commit, I've been able to implement the following styles:

  1. fixed navbar
  2. sidebar navigation with icons
  3. popover submenus
  4. table
  5. form inputs
  6. Alerts (non-closing version)
  7. badges (plugin count, comment count)
  8. labels (drafts, add new)
  9. buttons

##Browser Compatibility

Currently has only been tested on:

  1. Safari 5 (OS X Lion)
  2. Chrome 19 (OS X Lion)
  3. FireFox 4 (OS X Lion)


Everyone is welcome to contribute, as there are plenty more elements to be laid out. The goal here is to not only theme the wp admin, but to also "enhance" the experience as well. We're not looking for drastic changes in the layout (mostly because that would require a lot of hacking), but for subtle niceties. For example, I've done the following:

  1. fixed the sidebar navigation
  2. added css3 animations for collapsing the sidebar navigation

Suggestions are welcome, as are pull-requests. Let's get this thing finished!


Major components:

  • Bootstrap: Apache 2.0 license

Everything else:

The Unlicense (aka: public domain)