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Releases: ndlibersa/licensing

Licensing 1.4.2 bug fix

06 Feb 15:56
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Licensing version 1.4.2 is a bug fix release that fixes a bug in the upgrader that was present in the previous 1.4.x versions.

Licensing 1.4.1 Critical Security Update

24 Oct 15:23
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This is a critical security update for the licensing module.

Version 1.4.0

05 May 13:04
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This release includes the following changes:

  • Critical security patch
  • Licensing module can now be translated. This includes converting the database to UTF-8. The French translation is provided (but still needs some polishing).
  • Improved form validation to prevent empty forms

Licensing 1.3.1

30 Jun 12:25
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This version is required if you are using Resources module version 1.3.0 or higher. This update fixes the error "Bad Query Failure" on the calendar page.

Licensing 1.3.0

23 Oct 20:05
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This version adds a calendar that displays upcoming license renewals (via a new Calendar button added to the top navigation bar). The calendar looks at the Subscription End field in the Resources module to display those resources (along with a link to the associated licenses) that will be expiring in the coming months and/or years. The resources displayed are controlled in the Admin tab.

Calendar settings include:

  • Authorized Site(s) – Controls which site’s resources will display. Multiple sites may selected. This was added because we use CORAL for our consortium.
  • Days After Subscription End – How long should the resource display past the resource’s Subscription End? We aren’t always able to complete a license before a subscription ends so we still want these resources to show up on the calendar until they’re complete and have a new Subscription End date. Once a resource is past its Subscription End, the number of days past the expiration will show up in red.
  • Days Before Subscription End – How long before the Subscription End should the resource display? We mainly use the calendar for databases (bigger licenses) so we like to see upcoming renewals two years in advance.
  • Resource Type(s) – Which resources to display? You can select multiple types.