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Changelog for ghcid (* = breaking change)
#202, make --verbose print out version, arch, os
0.7.1, released 2018-09-07
#190, load benchmarks as well as tests when using stack
#171, support GHCJSi
#163, allow --run, like --test but defaults to main
#161, if a file disappears, reload as soon as it returns
#162, always disable :set +t (which writes out types)
0.7, released 2018-04-18
#153, show errors/warnings to freshly edited files first
#153, set -j
#154, improve Ctrl-C behaviour and process termination during startup
Require extra-1.6.6
Add --setup actions to send to ghci stdin on startup
#152, make --output for a file ending .json produce JSON output
Make module cycles generate well-formed Load messages
* Add loadFilePosEnd to Load
If a command exits unexpectedly return a failing exit code
#120, use absolute paths everywhere, in case ghci does a cd
Add showPaths function to exercise ":show paths"
#127, use Loaded GHCi configuration message to add .ghci restart
#141, restart if .ghcid changes
#151, make "All good" green
#109, support OverloadedStrings and RebindableSyntax together
Remove support for GHC 7.6
#87, enable HSPEC colors if possible (POSIX only)
#147, move some :set flags to the command line if possible
#148, enable -ferror-spans by default
* #144, allow ANSI escape codes in loadMessage
#144, use color GHC messages where possible
#139, add --color=never to not show Bold output
#142, add startGhciProcess which takes CreateProcess
#146, add --max-messages=N to limit to N messages
0.6.10, released 2018-02-06
#96, make it work even if -fdiagnostics-color is active
#130, pass -fno-it to reduce memory leaks
#132, work even if -fhide-source-paths is set
Add isLoading function to test the constructor
0.6.9, released 2018-01-26
#121, add a --poll flag to use polling instead of notifiers
Require time-1.5 or above
#124, add timestamp to "All good" message
After the test completes write a message
0.6.8, released 2017-11-10
#110, work even if -v0 is passed to ghci
Read additional arguments from .ghcid file if present
0.6.7, released 2017-09-17
#104, add --ignore-loaded flag for use with -fobject-code
#103, deal with new GHC error formatting
0.6.6, released 2016-11-11
#89, exit sooner when the child process exits unexpectedly
Add Eq instance for Ghci
#88, add a --project flag
Rename --notitle flag to --no-title
0.6.5, released 2016-08-10
#82, properly deal with warning messages including spans
#78, support boot files better
Better support for dealing with GHC 8.0 call stack messages
#79, support multiple --test flags
#71, improve multi-project stack support
#74, make sure Cygwin terminals flush output properly
If the test exits then exit ghcid
0.6.4, released 2016-05-13
#69, fix up for stack project with file arguments
0.6.3, released 2016-05-11
#68, add --no-status to avoid printing the reloading message
0.6.2, released 2016-04-25
#63, detect test failures and update the titlebar/icon
#66, add --warnings to run tests even in there are warnings
#62, find stack.yaml in the parent directory
Make --verbose echo all things sent to stdin
#57, support wrappers that access stdin first (e.g. stack)
#67, make --reload/--restart recurse through directories
#61, deal with drive letters in files (for stack on Windows)
#58, improve the --help message
0.6.1, released 2016-04-06
Add --reload to add files that reload, but do not restart
#56, allow --restart to take directories
0.6, released 2016-04-06
#38, implement loading with stack
Add process, quit and execStream to the API
#29, add interrupt function
Add Data instances for the types
Make stopGhci more effective, now kills the underlying process
* Make startGhci take a function to write the buffer to
0.5.1, released 2016-03-02
#17, deal with recursive modules errors properly
#50, use -fno-code when not running tests (about twice as fast)
#44, abbreviate the redundant module import error
#45, add an extra space before the ... message
#42, always show the first error in full
#43, work even if people use break-on-exception flags
#42, make the first error a minimum of 5 lines
0.5, released 2015-06-20
* Add an extra boolean argument to startGhci
Add the number of modules loaded after All good
Print out messages until the prompt comes up
#23, add arguments and change what commands get invoked
#35, change the titlebar icon on Windows
0.4.2, released 2015-06-11
Fix a GHC 7.6 warning
0.4.1, released 2015-06-11
#37, add a --notitle flag
Require extra-1.2
0.4, released 2015-06-07
#33, make Ctrl-C more robust
#31, add an outputfile feature
#32, make newer warnings first (save a file, view its warnings)
#28, fix issues on VIM file saves
#29, support running a quick test on each save
Add a --directory flag to change directory first
#26, use fs-notify to avoid excessive wakeups
#25, detect console size just before using it
0.3.6, released 2015-03-09
#24, don't error out if error/putStrLn are not imported
0.3.5, released 2015-02-25
#19, put errors in bold
#9, display interesting information in the title bar
#7, reload if the .ghci or .cabal file changes
Use nubOrd
Require extra-1.1
0.3.4, released 2014-12-24
#21, if you aren't waiting for any files, exit
0.3.3, released 2014-12-21
#21, if the root file is missing, report an error
#20, avoid an O(n^2) nub
0.3.2, released 2014-11-06
#18, reformat excessively long lines, add a --width flag
0.3.1, released 2014-10-28
Ensure if there are lots of warnings, the first error gets shown
0.3, released 2014-10-24
#11, ignore certain GHCi-only warnings
#13, fix version printing
#8, display Loading... when starting
Require the extra library
#14, figure out the terminal height automatically
0.2, released 2014-10-06
#6, rewrite as a library
Remove duplicate error messages from cabal repl
0.1.3, released 2014-09-29
#2, handle files that get deleted while loaded
#3, flesh out the test suite
#4, give a polite error if ghci does not start
#5, add --topmost flag to make the window topmost
Add a very simple test suite
Default to cabal repl if there is no .ghci file
#1, if there is an IOError just :reload
Say why you are reloading
0.1.1, released 2014-09-27
Support arguments to --command
0.1, released 2014-09-27
Initial version