non-exhaustive patterns error on combine #73

gilligan opened this Issue Jun 18, 2014 · 3 comments

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After a "hoogle data all" I run into the following error:

Combining 4892 databases
hoogle: src/Hoogle/Store/All.hs:(116-19)-(123,40): Non exhaustive patterns in case

Using hoogle 4.2.32


I am still trying to find a way to combine all databases retrieved by 'data all' into a single default.hoo
I tried rehoo (jwiegley/rehoo) and all the scripts mentioned in - all to no avail.

Using 4.2.32 rehoo would just crash with the same error mentioned above. Using 4.2.33 hoogle seems to crash but rehoo does not give more info.

Is there any reliable way to combine those 4000+ .hoo files ?


Correcting myself : I randomly run into the non-exhaustive pattern error with 4.2.33 just as well.


Oh dear. With Hoogle 5 the problem has completely gone since there is no combine function, and it uses a lot less memory.

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