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+= CSjS
+Generate CSS style rules within Javascript.
+This project comes from my frustration of trying to build standalone Javascript widgets. Web
+projects always involve the combination of HTML DOM, CSS and Javascript. It's often simpler to
+generate the necessary DOM within your Javascript, removing any coupling (and a simpler calling
+convention) to a specific web page. But most widgets have certain style rules. To avoid
+any coupling with the CSS at all, styles can be included inline, but these gets bulky
+and hard to read. The "rule" nature of CSS is nice. So widgets then have a Javascript
+and CSS component. Wouldn't it be nice, though, to remove that CSS component.
+With the advent of SASS, the coupling is even more complicated, as now there's some other
+tool completely unrelated to your component, written in some other language. Wouldn't
+a unified approach be nice?
+= Similar projects

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