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# Csster
-Generate CSS style rules within Javascript.
+Concisely generate CSS style rules within Javascript.
## Usage
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ a way to order the hashes. For example:
Note that
* property names are automatically converted to the correct format from camelcase. Feel free to quote them as well.
-* raw numbers are assumed to be "pixels" (or "px"), and rendered as such.
+* all raw numbers are assumed to be "pixels" (or "px"), and rendered as such.
* any sort of selectors are allowed... they are just passed through to the stylesheet.
#### Nesting
@@ -71,7 +71,6 @@ Csster supports nesting of rules to keep things more concise:
The "li" property in this case might be a selector or might be a property name. A list of valid
property names is used to identify properties right now, and otherwise it's considered a sub-selector.
-(Think about this.)
Csster supports SASS's "&" operator, to indicate that the selector should be combined with the parent selector.
Instead of the default "any descendent" space character being inserted, no space is inserted.
@@ -103,7 +102,7 @@ There are a host of pre-made macros that may be useful:
* <code>phark(width, height, img, imgXPosition=0, imgYPosition=0)</code> -- standard phark image replacement with optional background image offset.
* <code>boxShadow([xoffset, yoffset], radius, color)</code>
* <code>verticalCentering(height)</code> and <code>horizontalCentering(width)</code> -- center using the top 50% / margin-top -width/2 technique. See
-* (code>clearfix()</code> -- iE7 and beyond clearfix
+* <code>clearfix()</code> -- standard clearfix
To "mix these in", use the "has" key:

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