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;; Clojure Mandelbrot generator
;; by Brian Carper
(ns mandelbrot.swing
(:use [clojure.contrib.seq :only (indexed)])
(:import (javax.swing JFrame JPanel)
(java.awt Color Dimension)
(java.awt.image BufferedImage)))
(defn color-for-point [x0 y0 max-iterations color-fn]
(let [x0 (float x0)
y0 (float y0)]
(loop [x x0, y y0, n 0]
(if (= n max-iterations)
(Color. 0 0 0)
(let [new-x (+ x0 (- (* x x) (* y y)))
new-y (+ y0 (* 2 x y))
zn (+ (* new-x new-x) (* new-y new-y))]
(if (< zn 4)
(recur new-x new-y (inc n))
(color-fn n zn max-iterations)))))))
;; These work OK for certain values of max-iterations
;; But it starts to look a bit dark around 2048
(defn log [base x]
(/ (Math/log (float x)) (Math/log (float base))))
(defn log-scale [n max-n]
(max (log 255 (* n (/ 255.0 max-n)))
(defn banded-color [n _ max-iterations]
(let [b (log-scale n max-iterations)]
(Color/getHSBColor 0.0 0.0 b)))
(defn smooth-color [n zn max-iterations]
(let [s (->> 4 (log zn) (log 2))
b (log-scale (+ n s) max-iterations)]
(Color/getHSBColor 0.0 0.0 b)))
(defn- m-range [min max num-steps]
(range min max (/ (- max min) (float num-steps))))
(def make-image
(fn [mb]
(let [img (BufferedImage. (inc (:width mb))
(inc (:height mb))
max-iterations (:max-iterations mb)
color-fn (:color-fn mb)]
(doseq [[x a] (indexed (m-range (:rmin mb) (:rmax mb) (:width mb)))
[y b] (indexed (m-range (:imin mb) (:imax mb) (:height mb)))]
(let [c (color-for-point a b max-iterations color-fn)]
(.setRGB img x y (.getRGB c))))
(defn mandelbrot
"Given a hash of parameters, makes a Mandelbrot image and displays it.
Required: rmin, rmax, imin, imax
Optional: height, width (dimensions for the image)
max-iterations (higher = better resolution but slower)
color-fn (fn implementing pixel-coloring strategy)"
(let [mb (merge {:height 600
:width 600
:max-iterations 128
:color-fn banded-color}
frame (JFrame. "Mandelbrot")
panel (proxy [JPanel] []
(getPreferredSize [] (Dimension. (:width mb) (:height mb)))
(.drawImage g (make-image mb) 0 0 nil)))
(doto frame
(.setResizable false)
(.add panel)
(.setVisible true))))
(defn save-to-file [img format filename]
(javax.imageio.ImageIO/write img format filename))
;; Examples
;; (use 'mandelbrot.swing)
#_(mandelbrot {:rmin -2.25 :rmax 0.75 :imin -1.5 :imax 1.5})
;; This takes about 10 seconds to render on my old AMD dual-core
#_(mandelbrot {:rmin -2.25
:rmax 0.75
:imin -1.5
:imax 1.5
:width 900
:height 900
:max-iterations 1024
:color-fn smooth-color})
;; Save to a PNG file
#_(save-to-file (make-image {:rmin -2.25 :rmax 0.75 :imin -1.5 :imax 1.5})
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