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(ns dojo.handler-test
(:use clojure.test dojo.handler))
(deftest on-message-test
(is (= [] (on-message {:id 1})))
(is (= ["Document:A:null" "Alert:A:null"] (on-message {:id 1 :a "A"})))
(is (= ["Note:B:null" "Alert:null:B"] (on-message {:id 1 :b "B"})))
(is (= ["Document:A:null" "Note:B:null" "Alert:A:B"] (on-message {:id 1 :a "A" :b "B"})))
(is (= ["Document:A:C" "Note:null:C" "Alert:A:null"] (on-message {:id 2 :a "A" :c "C"})))
(is (= ["Document:A:C" "Note:B:C" "Alert:A:B"] (on-message {:id 2 :a "A" :b "B" :c "C"}))))
(deftest var-capturing-test
(let [msg-handler (handler msg [msg something]
(format "Msg:%s:%s" msg something))
x-handler (handler x [x something]
(format "X:%s:%s" x something))]
(is (= "Msg:3:5" (msg-handler {:msg 3 :something 5})))
(is (= "X:3:5" (x-handler {:x 3 :something 5})))))
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