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; To play against a human:
; (play-vs-human (game-tree (gen-board) 0 0 t))
; To play against the computer:
; (play-vs-computer (game-tree (gen-board) 0 0 t))
(load "lazy")
(defparameter *num-players* 4)
(defparameter *max-dice* 5)
(defparameter *board-size* 5)
(defparameter *board-hexnum* (* *board-size* *board-size*))
(defun board-array (lst)
(make-array *board-hexnum* :initial-contents lst))
(defun gen-board ()
(board-array (loop for n below *board-hexnum*
collect (list (random *num-players*)
(1+ (random *max-dice*))))))
(defun player-letter (n)
(code-char (+ 97 n)))
(defun draw-board (board)
(loop for y below *board-size*
do (progn (fresh-line)
(loop repeat (- *board-size* y)
do (princ " "))
(loop for x below *board-size*
for hex = (aref board (+ x (* *board-size* y)))
do (format t "~a-~a " (player-letter (first hex))
(second hex))))))
(defun game-tree (board player spare-dice first-move)
(list player
(add-passing-move board
(attacking-moves board player spare-dice))))
(defun add-passing-move (board player spare-dice first-move moves)
(if first-move
(lazy-cons (list nil
(game-tree (add-new-dice board player (1- spare-dice))
(mod (1+ player) *num-players*)
(defun attacking-moves (board cur-player spare-dice)
(labels ((player (pos)
(car (aref board pos)))
(dice (pos)
(cadr (aref board pos))))
(lazy-mapcan (lambda (src)
(if (eq (player src) cur-player)
(lazy-mapcan (lambda (dst)
(if (and (not (eq (player dst) cur-player))
(> (dice src) (dice dst)))
(make-lazy (list (list (list src dst)
(game-tree (board-attack board cur-player src dst (dice src))
(+ spare-dice (dice dst))
(game-tree (board-attack-fail board cur-player src dst (dice src))
(+ spare-dice (dice dst))
(make-lazy (neighbors src)))
(make-lazy (loop for n below *board-hexnum*
collect n)))))
(defun neighbors (pos)
(let ((up (- pos *board-size*))
(down (+ pos *board-size*)))
(loop for p in (append (list up down)
(unless (zerop (mod pos *board-size*))
(list (1- up) (1- pos)))
(unless (zerop (mod (1+ pos) *board-size*))
(list (1+ pos) (1+ down))))
when (and (>= p 0) (< p *board-hexnum*))
collect p)))
(defun board-attack (board player src dst dice)
(board-array (loop for pos from 0
for hex across board
collect (cond ((eq pos src) (list player 1))
((eq pos dst) (list player (1- dice)))
(t hex)))))
(defun board-attack-fail (board player src dst dice)
(board-array (loop for pos from 0
for hex across board
collect (if (eq pos src)
(list player 1)
(defun roll-dice (dice-num)
(let ((total (loop repeat dice-num
sum (1+ (random 6)))))
(format t "On ~a dice rolled ~a. " dice-num total)
(defun roll-against (src-dice dst-dice)
(> (roll-dice src-dice) (roll-dice dst-dice)))
(defun pick-chance-branch (board move)
(labels ((dice (pos)
(cadr (aref board pos))))
(let ((path (car move)))
(if (or (null path) (roll-against (dice (car path))
(dice (cadr path))))
(cadr move)
(caddr move)))))
(defun get-connected (board player pos)
(labels ((check-pos (pos visited)
(if (and (eq (car (aref board pos)) player)
(not (member pos visited)))
(check-neighbors (neighbors pos) (cons pos visited))
(check-neighbors (lst visited)
(if lst
(check-neighbors (cdr lst) (check-pos (car lst) visited))
(check-pos pos '())))
(defun largest-cluster-size (board player)
(labels ((f (pos visited best)
(if (< pos *board-hexnum*)
(if (and (eq (car (aref board pos)) player)
(not (member pos visited)))
(let* ((cluster (get-connected board player pos))
(size (length cluster)))
(if (> size best)
(f (1+ pos) (append cluster visited) size)
(f (1+ pos) (append cluster visited) best)))
(f (1+ pos) visited best))
(f 0 '() 0)))
(defun add-new-dice (board player spare-dice)
(labels ((f (lst n)
(cond ((zerop n) lst)
((null lst) nil)
(t (let ((cur-player (caar lst))
(cur-dice (cadar lst)))
(if (and (eq cur-player player) (< cur-dice *max-dice*))
(cons (list cur-player (1+ cur-dice))
(f (cdr lst) (1- n)))
(cons (car lst) (f (cdr lst) n))))))))
(board-array (f (coerce board 'list)
(largest-cluster-size board player)))))
(defun play-vs-human (tree)
(print-info tree)
(if (not (lazy-null (caddr tree)))
(play-vs-human (handle-human tree))
(announce-winner (cadr tree))))
(defun print-info (tree)
(format t "current player = ~a" (player-letter (car tree)))
(draw-board (cadr tree)))
(defun handle-human (tree)
(princ "choose your move:")
(let ((moves (caddr tree)))
(labels ((print-moves (moves n)
(unless (lazy-null moves)
(let* ((move (lazy-car moves))
(action (car move)))
(format t "~a. " n)
(if action
(format t "~a -> ~a" (car action) (cadr action))
(princ "end turn")))
(print-moves (lazy-cdr moves) (1+ n)))))
(print-moves moves 1))
(pick-chance-branch (cadr (lazy-nth (1- (read)) moves)))))
(defun winners (board)
(let* ((tally (loop for hex across board
collect (car hex)))
(totals (mapcar (lambda (player)
(cons player (count player tally)))
(remove-duplicates tally)))
(best (apply #'max (mapcar #'cdr totals))))
(mapcar #'car
(remove-if (lambda (x)
(not (eq (cdr x) best)))
(defun announce-winner (board)
(let ((w (winners board)))
(if (> (length w) 1)
(format t "The game is a tie between ~a" (mapcar #'player-letter w))
(format t "The winner is ~a" (player-letter (car w))))))
; Heuristics
(defun score-board (board player)
(loop for hex across board
for pos from 0
sum (if (eq (car hex) player)
(if (threatened pos board)
(defun threatened (pos board)
(let* ((hex (aref board pos))
(player (car hex))
(dice (cadr hex)))
(loop for n in (neighbors pos)
do (let* ((nhex (aref board n))
(nplayer (car nhex))
(ndice (cadr nhex)))
(when (and (not (eq player nplayer)) (> ndice dice))
(return t))))))
(defun rate-position (tree player)
(let ((moves (caddr tree)))
(if (not (lazy-null moves))
(apply (if (eq (car tree) player)
(get-ratings tree player))
(score-board (cadr tree) player))))
(defun get-ratings (tree player)
(let ((board (cadr tree)))
(labels ((dice (pos)
(cadr (aref board pos))))
(take-all (lazy-mapcar
(lambda (move)
(let ((path (car move)))
(if path
(let* ((src (car path))
(dst (cadr path))
(odds (aref (aref *dice-odds* (1- (dice dst)))
(- (dice src) 2))))
(+ (* odds (rate-position (cadr move) player))
(* (- 1 odds) (rate-position (caddr move) player))))
(rate-position (cadr move) player))))
(caddr tree))))))
(defun limit-tree-depth (tree depth)
(list (car tree)
(cadr tree)
(if (zerop depth)
(lazy-mapcar (lambda (move)
(cons (car move)
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(limit-tree-depth x (1- depth)))
(cdr move))))
(caddr tree)))))
(defparameter *ai-level* 2)
(defun handle-computer (tree)
(let ((ratings (get-ratings (limit-tree-depth tree *ai-level*) (car tree))))
(pick-chance-branch (cadr tree)
(lazy-nth (position (apply #'max ratings) ratings) (caddr tree)))))
(defun play-vs-computer (tree)
(print-info tree)
(cond ((lazy-null (caddr tree)) (announce-winner (cadr tree)))
((zerop (car tree)) (play-vs-computer (handle-human tree)))
(t (play-vs-computer (handle-computer tree)))))
(defparameter *dice-odds* #(#(0.84 0.97 1.0 1.0)
#(0.44 0.78 0.94 0.99)
#(0.15 0.45 0.74 0.91)
#(0.04 0.19 0.46 0.72)
#(0.01 0.06 0.22 0.46)))
; Optimizations: memoization with closures
(let ((old-neighbors (symbol-function 'neighbors))
(previous (make-hash-table)))
(defun neighbors (pos)
(or (gethash pos previous)
(setf (gethash pos previous) (funcall old-neighbors pos)))))
(let ((old-game-tree (symbol-function 'game-tree))
(previous (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)))
(defun game-tree (&rest rest)
(or (gethash rest previous)
(setf (gethash rest previous) (apply old-game-tree rest)))))
(load "svg")
(defmacro svg (width height &body body)
`(tag svg (xmlns ""
"xmlns:xlink" ""
height ,height
width ,width)
(defparameter *board-width* 900)
(defparameter *board-height* 500)
(defparameter *board-scale* 64)
(defparameter *top-offset* 3)
(defparameter *dice-scale* 40)
(defparameter *dot-size* 0.05)
(defun draw-die-svg (x y col)
(labels ((calc-pt (pt)
(cons (+ x (* *dice-scale* (car pt)))
(+ y (* *dice-scale* (cdr pt)))))
(f (pol col)
(polygon (mapcar #'calc-pt pol) col)))
(f '((0 . -1) (-0.6 . -0.75) (0 . -0.5) (0.6 . -0.75))
(brightness col 40))
(f '((0 . -0.5) (-0.6 . -0.75) (-0.6 . 0) (0 . 0.25))
(f '((0 . -0.5) (0.6 . -0.75) (0.6 . 0) (0 . 0.25))
(brightness col -40))
(mapc (lambda (x y)
(polygon (mapcar (lambda (xx yy)
(calc-pt (cons (+ x (* xx *dot-size*))
(+ y (* yy *dot-size*)))))
'(-1 -1 1 1)
'(-1 1 1 -1))
'(255 255 255)))
'(-0.05 0.125 0.3 -0.3 -0.125 0.05 0.2 0.2 0.45 0.45 -0.45 -0.2)
'(-0.875 -0.80 -0.725 -0.775 -0.70 -0.625 -0.35 -0.05 -0.45 -0.15 -0.45 -0.05))))
(defun draw-tile-svg (x y pos hex xx yy col chosen-tile)
(loop for z below 2
do (polygon (mapcar (lambda (pt)
(cons (+ xx (* *board-scale* (car pt)))
(+ yy (* *board-scale*
(+ (cdr pt) (* (- 1 z) 0.1))))))
'((-1 . -0.2) (0 . -0.5) (1 . -0.2) (1 . 0.2) (0 . 0.5) (-1 . 0.2)))
(if (eql pos chosen-tile)
(brightness col 100)
(loop for z below (second hex)
do (draw-die-svg (+ xx
(* *dice-scale*
(if (oddp (+ x y z))
(- yy (* *dice-scale* z 0.8)) col)))
(defparameter *die-colors* '((255 63 63) (63 63 255) (63 255 63) (255 63 255)))
(defun draw-board-svg (board chosen-tile legal-tiles)
(loop for y below *board-size*
do (loop for x below *board-size*
for pos = (+ x (* *board-size* y))
for hex = (aref board pos)
for xx = (* *board-scale* (+ (* 2 x) (- *board-size* y)))
for yy = (* *board-scale* (+ (* y 0.7) *top-offset*))
for col = (brightness (nth (first hex) *die-colors*)
(* -15 (- *board-size* y)))
do (if (member pos legal-tiles)
(tag g ()
(tag a ("xlink:href" (make-game-link pos))
(draw-tile-svg x y pos hex xx yy col chosen-tile)))
(draw-tile-svg x y pos hex xx yy col chosen-tile)))))
(defun make-game-link (pos)
(format nil "/game.html?chosen=~a" pos))
; Web interface (works in Chrome)
(load "webserver")
(defparameter *cur-game-tree* nil)
(defparameter *from-tile* nil)
(defun dod-request-handler (path header params)
(if (equal path "game.html")
(progn (princ "<!doctype html>")
(tag center ()
(princ "Welcome to DICE OF DOOM!")
(tag br ())
(let ((chosen (assoc 'chosen params)))
(when (or (not *cur-game-tree*) (not chosen))
(setf chosen nil)
(cond ((lazy-null (caddr *cur-game-tree*))
(web-announce-winner (cadr *cur-game-tree*)))
((zerop (car *cur-game-tree*))
(when chosen
(read-from-string (cdr chosen)))))
(t (web-handle-computer))))
(tag br ())
(draw-dod-page *cur-game-tree* *from-tile*)))
(princ "Sorry... I don't know that page.")))
(defun web-initialize ()
(setf *from-tile* nil)
(setf *cur-game-tree* (game-tree (gen-board) 0 0 t)))
(defun web-announce-winner (board)
(let ((w (winners board)))
(if (> (length w) 1)
(format t "The game is a tie between ~a. " (mapcar #'player-letter w))
(format t "The winner is ~a. " (player-letter (car w)))))
(tag a (href "game.html")
(princ "play again")))
(defun web-handle-human (pos)
(cond ((not pos) (princ "Please choose a hex to move from:"))
((eq pos 'pass)
(setf *cur-game-tree* (cadr (lazy-car (caddr *cur-game-tree*))))
(princ "Your reinforcements have been placed. ")
(tag a (href (make-game-link nil)) (princ "continue")))
((not *from-tile*)
(setf *from-tile* pos)
(princ "Now choose a destination:"))
((eq pos *from-tile*)
(setf *from-tile* nil)
(princ "Move cancelled."))
(t (setf *cur-game-tree*
(cadr (lazy-find-if (lambda (move)
(equal (car move)
(list *from-tile* pos)))
(caddr *cur-game-tree*))))
(setf *from-tile* nil)
(princ "You may now ")
(tag a (href (make-game-link 'pass))
(princ "pass"))
(princ " or make another move:"))))
(defun web-handle-computer ()
(setf *cur-game-tree* (handle-computer *cur-game-tree*))
(princ "The computer has moved. ")
(tag script ()
(princ "window.setTimeout('window.location=\"game.html?chosen=NIL\"',5000)")))
(defun draw-dod-page (tree selected-tile)
(svg *board-width*
(draw-board-svg (cadr tree)
(take-all (if selected-tile
(lambda (move)
(when (eql (caar move) selected-tile)
(cadar move)))
(caddr tree))
(lazy-mapcar #'caar (caddr tree)))))))