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(defparameter *nodes* '((living-room (you are in the living-room.
a wizard is snoring loudly on the couch.))
(garden (you are in a beautiful garden.
there is a well in front of you.))
(attic (you are in the attic.
there is a giant welding torch in the corner.))))
(defparameter *edges* '((living-room (garden west door)
(attic upstairs ladder))
(garden (living-room east door))
(attic (living-room downstairs ladder))))
(defparameter *objects* '(whiskey bucket frog chain))
(defparameter *object-locations* '((whiskey living-room)
(bucket living-room)
(chain garden)
(frog garden)))
(defparameter *location* 'living-room)
(defun describe-location (location nodes)
(cadr (assoc location nodes)))
(defun describe-path (edge)
`(there is a ,(caddr edge) going ,(cadr edge) from here.))
(defun describe-paths (location edges)
(apply #'append (mapcar #'describe-path (cdr (assoc location edges)))))
(defun objects-at (loc objs obj-locs)
(labels ((at-loc-p (obj)
(eq (cadr (assoc obj obj-locs)) loc)))
(remove-if-not #'at-loc-p objs)))
(defun describe-objects (loc objs obj-loc)
(labels ((describe-obj (obj)
`(you see a ,obj on the floor.)))
(apply #'append (mapcar #'describe-obj (objects-at loc objs obj-loc)))))
(defun look ()
(append (describe-location *location* *nodes*)
(describe-paths *location* *edges*)
(describe-objects *location* *objects* *object-locations*)))
(defun walk (direction)
(let ((next (find direction
(cdr (assoc *location* *edges*))
:key #'cadr)))
(if next (progn (setf *location* (car next))
'(you cannot go that way.))))
(defun pickup (object)
(cond ((member object (objects-at *location* *objects* *object-locations*))
(push (list object 'body) *object-locations*)
`(you are now carrying the ,object))
(t '(you cannot get that.))))
(defun inventory ()
(cons 'items- (objects-at 'body *objects* *object-locations*)))
;(defun game-repl ()
; (loop (print (eval (read)))))
(defun game-repl ()
(let ((cmd (game-read)))
(unless (eq (car cmd) 'quit)
(game-print (game-eval cmd))
(defun game-read ()
(let ((cmd (read-from-string (concatenate 'string "(" (read-line) ")"))))
(flet ((quote-it (x) (list 'quote x)))
(cons (car cmd) (mapcar #'quote-it (cdr cmd))))))
(defparameter *allowed-commands* '(look walk pickup inventory))
(defun game-eval (sexp)
(if (member (car sexp) *allowed-commands*)
(eval sexp)
'(i do not know that command.)))
(defun tweak-text (lst caps lit)
(when lst
(let ((item (car lst))
(rest (cdr lst)))
(cond ((eq item #\space) (cons item (tweak-text rest caps lit)))
((member item '(#\! #\? #\.)) (cons item (tweak-text rest t lit)))
((eq item #\") (tweak-text rest caps (not lit)))
(lit (cons item (tweak-text rest nil lit)))
((or caps lit) (cons (char-upcase item) (tweak-text rest nil lit)))
(t (cons (char-downcase item) (tweak-text rest nil nil)))))))
(defun game-print (lst)
(princ (coerce (tweak-text (coerce (string-trim "() "
(prin1-to-string lst))
; Special actions - sample of DSL
(defun have (object)
(member object (cdr (inventory))))
(defmacro game-action (command subj obj place &body body)
`(progn (defun ,command (subject object)
(if (and (eq *location* ',place)
(eq subject ',subj)
(eq object ',obj)
(have ',subj))
'(i cant ,command like that.)))
(pushnew ',command *allowed-commands*)))
(defparameter *chain-welded* nil)
(game-action weld chain bucket attic
(if (and (have 'bucket) (not *chain-welded*))
(progn (setf *chain-welded* 't)
'(the chain is now securely welded to the bucket.))
'(you do not have a bucket.)))
(defparameter *bucket-filled* nil)
(game-action dunk bucket well garden
(if *chain-welded*
(progn (setf *bucket-filled* 't)
'(the bucket is now full of water))
'(the water level is too low to reach.)))
(game-action splash bucket wizard living-room
(cond ((not *bucket-filled*) '(the bucket has nothing in it.))
((have 'frog) '(the wizard awakens and sees that you stole his frog.
he is so upset he banishes you to the
netherworlds- you lose! the end.))
(t '(the wizard awakens from his slumber and greets you warmly.
he hands you the magic low-carb donut- you win! the end.))))
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