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Mathematical experiments with words
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Prime Words

Inspired by John D. Cook's post.

Data Files

words.txt -- Mac dictionary file /usr/share/dict/words with all words in lowcase and duplicates removed. -- words.txt with all words taken as numbers in base 36 and converted to base 10. -- prime numbers from -- with all numbers written in base 36.


Longest words: formaldehydesulphoxylate, pathologicopsychological, scientificophilosophical, tetraiodophenolphthalein, thyroparathyroidectomize -- 24 characters each.

Biggest word: thyroparathyroidectomize (18397785478878442702499607332564825498).

Biggest prime: superultrafrostified (10713653314034987100763348512997).

Ratio and Probability of Prime Words

prime-ratio.png -- diagram comparing actual and estimated probability of word being prime.

primes.ods -- data used to build the diagram.

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