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TDI - The next evolutional step for templating


  1. Introduction
  2. Copyright and License
  3. System Requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Documentation
  6. Bugs
  7. Author Information


TDI (Template Data Interface) is a markup templating system written in python with optional speedup code written in C. Unlike most templating systems the TDI does not invent its own language to provide functionality. Instead you simply mark the nodes you want to manipulate within the template document. The template is parsed and the marked nodes are presented to your python code, where they can be modified in any way you want.


Copyright 2006 - 2016 André Malo or his licensors, as applicable.

The whole package is distributed under the Apache License Version 2.0. You'll find a copy in the root directory of the distribution or online at: <>.


You need python 2 (>= 2.7). Python 3 is NOT supported yet.

The following python implementations are supported, too:

  • PyPy (2.0)
  • Jython (2.7)


TDI is set up using the standard python distutils. So you can install it using the usual command:

$ python install

The command above will install a new "tdi" package into python's library path.

Additionally it will install the documentation. On unices it will be installed by default into <prefix>/share/doc/tdi.

For customization options please study the output of

$ python --help


You'll find a user documentation in the docs/userdoc/ directory of the distribution package. It is installed by default under <prefix>/share/doc/tdi (e.g. /usr/share/doc/tdi). Further, there's the code documentation, generated by epydoc (<>), which can be found in the docs/apidoc/ subdirectory.

The latest documentation is also available online at <>.


No bugs, of course. ;-) But if you've found one or have an idea how to improve the TDI, feel free to send a pull request on github or send a mail to <>.


André "nd" Malo <> GPG: 0x8103A37E

If God intended people to be naked, they would be born that way.
-- Oscar Wilde