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The State of Things

In re-implementing my website I had several moments of, "My god, this code is awful!" or "I used to be proud of this?!", and quickly came to the conclusion that I should either:

  • rewrite the program from scratch or...
  • completely remove it and forget it ever happened.

For the most part, I was of the mindset to do the latter with anything that gave me the slightest bit of shame. With a few things I actually started recoding them, trying to make them more correct and have better code style, but I always found myself about half way through this process going, "Why am I wasting my time on this?!". This would then result in me giving up and going back to plan B of just scrapping the experiment.

After several nights of going through this process I had a bit of a revelation. Namely that I should just post all of the old experiments in all their horrible glory, just as a reminder of where I started and proof that I'm always growing and improving.

One of the first experiments that was originally on the chopping block was the "robotic arm":/experiments/robotarm. The code for this experiment is all kinds of horrible... Global variables all over the place, named functions, awful use of timeouts and on top of that I was using my first draft of my old math library (Bacon and Eggs) which added another layer of terribleness to everything. Further more, the experiment doesn't even work correctly (many people have emailed me about the violent flailing that it sometimes does).

With my new mentality of posting for the sake of memory, I can definitely say the robot arm is in fact one of my favorite experiments. Even with its buggy behavior and code that would make any competent javascript programmer want to throw up, it was my first dive into the world of programming for the browser. If nothing else, I should be proud of that.