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Visual Regression Testing via Drulenium

This example will show you how you can automatically run visual tests on your pantheon hosted environments using Drulenium suite of modules & libraries.

This will allow you to do a comparative visual diff between the test environment and the development environemnt(including Multidev environments) everytime you push code to the development environment.

As a note, Tests run on https://gitlab.com/ and is free to use for unlimited number of pages. For more information read http://drulenium.org/how-to-automate-testing-in-pantheon-hosted-website


Setting up this example is easy:

  1. Add the example visual_regression_test_setup.gitlab.php & visual_regression_test_run.php scripts to the 'private/scripts/drulenium_visual_testing' directory of your code repository.
  2. This script uses drush. While Pantheon does not require a settings.php file to run Drupal, Drush does. Make sure you have one committed to the codebase. You can simply copy the sites/default/default.settings.php to sites/default/settings.php . Pantheon drush doc.
  3. Be sure the Drulenium module, it's dependencies & libraries are installed into your Drupal codebase.
  Put your pantheon environment in SFTP mode and run these drush commands.
  Terminus drush "en drulenium drulenium_gitlab -y"
  Terminus drush "gitlab-download-client"
  Terminus drush "vr-download-blockly"
  1. Register at Drulenium.org & configure the module with keys at http://dev-example-qs.pantheonsite.io/drulenium/settings/hosted
  2. Register at https://api.imgur.com/oauth2/addclient (Type: Anonymous usage without user authorization) & configure the Drulenium Imgur module with keys at http://dev-example-qs.pantheonsite.io/drulenium/settings/imgur
  3. Add test site URL's at http://dev-example-qs.pantheonsite.io/drulenium/settings
  4. Go to the Drulenium GitLab module configuration page at http://dev-example.pantheonsite.io/drulenium/settings/gitlab and "Initialize" which will use your Gitlab account and fork the https://gitlab.com/TechNikh/drulenium_gitlab_server project along with setting required build variables you set in 5th, 6th & 7th steps above(DRULENIUM_ORG_API_SECRET, DRULENIUM_ORG_PROJECT_UUID, IMGUR_CLIENT_ID, IMGUR_CLIENT_SECRET, BASELINE_URL, TEST_URL_PREFIX, TEST_URL_SUFFIX).
  5. Create tests with Category: "CI-regression" at http://dev-example-qs.pantheonsite.io/drulenium/tests/add
  6. Add the secret gitlab & Drulenium.org account parameters into a file called secrets.json and store it in the private files directory of Test & Live environments and Clone files from the test environment into other dev environments.
  1. Add a Quicksilver operation to your pantheon.yml to fire the script after code sync.
  2. Test a code sync out!

Optionally, you may want to use the terminus workflows watch command to get immediate debugging feedback.

Example pantheon.yml

Here's an example of what your pantheon.yml would look like if this were the only Quicksilver operation you wanted to use:

api_version: 1

  # Commits: Test visually after each code commit.
      - type: webphp
        description: Setup Drulenium with gitlab configuration
        script: private/scripts/drulenium/visual_regression_test_setup.gitlab.php
      - type: webphp
        description: Run Drulenium tests after each code push
        script: private/scripts/drulenium/visual_regression_test_run.php