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Allows web server to serve gzip-compressed files (e.g. script.js.gz). The filter analyses the 'Accept-Encoding' request header, and, if contains 'gzip', serves the corresponding compressed file. The Content-Type header is guessed from file extension, e.g. "*.html.gz" maps to "text/html".

On a rare occasion when user-agent does not support gzip, the file is decompressed and served as-is. You have to preserve '.gz' in the URL.


git clone
mvn package

Tomcat setup

You can either install servlet filter to the webserver or include it in your .war file. In the former case, first copy the servlet filter:

cp target/GzipJPEG-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar $CATALINA_HOME/lib

Then add the following into your $CATALINA_HOME/web.xml: