A Perl implementation of the nxml-mode rules for locating schemas
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nxml-mode includes a configurable set of rules to locate a schema for the file being edited. The rules are contained in one or more schema locating files, which are XML documents.

LocatingRules is a Perl 5 module that implements the locating rules search algorithm to find a schema.

It needs more documentation. See tests/test.pl for details.


  1. Construct a LocatingRules object.
  2. Load some locating rules files. (If you call load(), the object will try to parse ~/.emacs for the files)
  3. Setup a DocumentInfo object with details about the file.
  4. Call schema() to find the schema file.

A DocumentScanner will build a DocumentInfo for you. By default it does so with a few regular expressions (and may fail for some encodings). Setting mode('parse') will cause it to parse the file, but this means you'll end up parsing twice if you subsequently want to validate.