Emacs macros for generating quotations from an XML document
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Emacs XML Quotations

Emacs XML Quotations is a set of macros for generating quotations at the end of email messages. At least, that's what I use it for. Integration with Gnus and BBDB is provided. Hopefully the “API” exposed to extract quotations is general enough to integrate into other tools.

  • xml-quotes.el, functions for reading the XML Quotations file. This is the primary entry point. Functions in this module can read and return quotations.
  • mail-signature-quotes.el, functions for adding quotations to the end of email messages.
  • quotations.rnc, a RELAX NG grammar for the quotations document.
  • quotes.xml, a sample quotations file.

There are a few defvars at the top of the .el files that you should consult. In particular, if you don't store the quotations in a file called ~/.quotes.xml, you'll have to update xmlq-quote-file.

Share and enjoy.

Changes in version 1.2

  • Fixed bugs caused by an incomplete transition to a new XML format in 1.1.
  • Renamed all of the variables and functions to use the xmlq- namespace. If you've been using 1.1 (which is very unlikely considering the bugs), you'll have to double-check your customizations.