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XML Calabash support for printing with XSL FO and CSS
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XML Calabash support for printing with XSL FO and CSS

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This repository contains XML Calabash 1.1 support for printing with XSL FO or CSS.

Support is included for XSL FO processing with FOP, AntennaHouse, or RenderX and CSS processing with AntennaHouse or PrinceXML.

Printing with XML Calabash requires these libraries in addition to any commercial libraries required. (No additional libraries are required for FOP.)

This step should work with either Saxon 9.5 or Saxon 9.6.


For standalone installation, get the most recent release from the project releases page. The release distributed there includes relevant dependencies. Unpack it somewhere on your system and add the included, top-level jar file to your class path.

If you're using Maven, you can also get it from there. Note, however, that the Maven distribution includes a POM file that identifies other dependencies that must also be downloaded. You'll need them too, which happens naturally if you're including the Maven dependency in some other Maven project. If you just grab the jar from Maven and don't get the other dependencies, you're likely to find that the step doesn't work because of some missing dependencies.

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