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Vampire commented May 3, 2013

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Vampire added some commits Mar 8, 2013

@Vampire Vampire remove phonehome leftovers 87111ce
@Vampire Vampire fix ant task documentation 65c6af6
@Vampire Vampire integrate ant task documentation into main documentation 289f787
@Vampire Vampire remove unused variable bf96995
@Vampire Vampire fix cleanup of task variables 37267d2
@Vampire Vampire do not skip ant task execution if input and output have the same last…
… modified date, as this most likely means the input and output files are identical and thus the timestamps are not good up-to-date check
@Vampire Vampire fix NullPointerException in ant task when parameter or option are giv…
…en without name
@Vampire Vampire fix code-style issues 745a005
@Vampire Vampire fix wrong error messages b388aad
@Vampire Vampire fix output resource handling 15cf115
@Vampire Vampire remove unused variables and unnecessary assignments 084c780
@Vampire Vampire fix method name 903d7c5
@Vampire Vampire fix wrong JavaDoc comments 417d110
@Vampire Vampire fix if attribute for Option and Param nested tags which were document…
…ed but not accepted and considered
@Vampire Vampire use pipeline directly as Resource and let Ant do the conversion impli…
@Vampire Vampire honor failOnError setting for misconfigured pipeline elements 4a1f323
@Vampire Vampire show a meaningful error if no pipeline is given instead of throwing a…
… NullPointerException
@Vampire Vampire also check whether libraries and pipeline are specified together and …
…give a more meaningful error message than 'Unparseable option'
@Vampire Vampire output a linebreak before the usage message to separate it from the e…
…rror message and make that one more observable
@Vampire Vampire fix, improve and extend the usage message 035d9e6
@Vampire Vampire refactor QName building into own method and add null and clark name h…
@Vampire Vampire make -d understand - for reading from stdin eace965
@Vampire Vampire allow multiple explicit bindings of outputs to stdout 4e353a1
@Vampire Vampire allow multiple implicit bindings of outputs to stdout 10657ff
@Vampire Vampire refactor Main driver and ParseArgs to have a separate data holder for…
… the user arguments and to make the work method in Main driver usable for other drivers
@Vampire Vampire escape quotes in parameter values correctly cea547c
@Vampire Vampire do not require a prefix binding to be defined before its usage, but c…
…heck the binding availability after all parsing is done, this will also be useful for the ant task where it is not predictable in which order stuff is set
@Vampire Vampire do not search through all the configured ports multiple times 686fb51
@Vampire Vampire make the port specification for -o option optional and bind to the pr…
…imary output port if not given
@Vampire Vampire make the port specification for -i and -d options optional and bind t…
…o the primary non-parameter input port if not given
@Vampire Vampire prevent multiple bindings for the same prefix c0129d8
@Vampire Vampire document in which cases the port specification for --with-param has t…
…o be given always
@Vampire Vampire log the stacktrace of exceptions on verbose level in ant task 351a6ab
@Vampire Vampire change the CalabashTask driver to use UserArgs and the refactored wor…
…ker method from Main driver
@Vampire Vampire allow usage of streams for output to make it possible to use any writ…
…able Ant resource from CalabashTask driver, not only FileResources
@Vampire Vampire allow usage of streams for pipeline to make it possible to use any re…
…adable Ant resource from CalabashTask driver, not only FileResources
@Vampire Vampire add namespace declaration for parameter names in implicit pipeline 022ec6d
@Vampire Vampire prevent NullPointerException if input mapper does not produce results 19cbe24
@Vampire Vampire use UserArgs directly where possible and remove some class attributes…
… that are not needed otherwise
@Vampire Vampire interpret input and pipeline resources' lastModified date as Long.MAX…
…_VALUE if it couldn't be determined and thus execute the task
@Vampire Vampire beautify some code 53ff6fb
@Vampire Vampire correct documentation for command line 347f75c
@Vampire Vampire use baseDir only for input, use destDir for output instead 158d007
@Vampire Vampire clarify why a check is done multiple times instead of the 'parent' me…
@Vampire Vampire check again for option and parameter uniqueness in given parameters a…
…s you can give the same one with different prefixes or once with prefix and once in Clark notation otherwise
@Vampire Vampire fix Ant task documentation to be up-to-date 3dc448c
@Vampire Vampire do not close stdout as it will suppress further output 43a966e
@Vampire Vampire use URI.create() instead of new URI(), as this should be used for kno…
…wn URI that cannot normally give an URISyntaxException
@Vampire Vampire add Ant task variants to the descriptions on how to set various confi…
…guration values
@Vampire Vampire add profileFile attribute to Ant task 3dc9db7
@Vampire Vampire add saxonProcessor attribute to Ant task af13195
@Vampire Vampire add saxonConfigFile attribute to Ant task 7d6de4b
@Vampire Vampire throw an error if schema-aware processing is selected with a saxon pr…
…ocessor other than "ee"
@Vampire Vampire add schemaAware attribute to Ant task a8f51aa
@Vampire Vampire add safeMode attribute to Ant task fa0cc18
@Vampire Vampire add configFile attribute to Ant task 5979627
@Vampire Vampire fix NullPointerException in p:log code if href attribute has not scheme d6a79b8
@Vampire Vampire fix NullPointerException in p:log code if the pipeline comes from an …
…inputstream, not a file
@Vampire Vampire add logStyle attribute to Ant task 031aa33
@Vampire Vampire add entityResolver attribute to Ant task 27a787c
@Vampire Vampire add uriResolver attribute to Ant task fe3cd1f
@Vampire Vampire add the possibility to specify non-XML input via the Ant task 48865b5
@Vampire Vampire fix JavaDoc ea34379
@Vampire Vampire add library loading to the Ant task 847bcf4
@Vampire Vampire give a meaningful error if neither pipeline nor libraries and / or st…
…eps are given
@Vampire Vampire fix not working mappers that are nested in input elements 12aec04
@Vampire Vampire fix ant task documentation, the nested element is called <parameter>,…
… not <param>
@Vampire Vampire add the possibility to specify an implicit pipeline out of steps to t…
…he Ant task
@Vampire Vampire add "if" and "unless" attributes to <namespace>, <pipeline> and <libr…
@Vampire Vampire fix that entity-resolver is not an URI resolver in usage.txt 2e749de
@Vampire Vampire document in usage.txt that --schema-aware sets saxon-processor to 'ee…
…' implicitly
@Vampire Vampire document the valid extensions in usage.txt ec5298e
@Vampire Vampire improve the Ant task documentation regarding Ant resources 656f195
@Vampire Vampire add Ant resources that connect to stdin, stdout and stderr and provid…
…e an antlib to mass-load the task and types
@Vampire Vampire make it possible to specify profileFile as arbitrary writable Ant res…
@Vampire Vampire make it possible to specify saxon configuration as arbitrary readable…
… Ant resource
@Vampire Vampire make it possible to specify configuration as arbitrary readable Ant r…
@Vampire Vampire correctly handle a return value of "null" from URLConnection.getConte…
…ntType() and thus do not depend on the Sun / Oracle Implementation which returns "content/unknown" instead of "null"
@Vampire Vampire make it possible to specify the content type for data inputs from the…
… command line and Ant task instead of the hard-coded text/plain and thus correctly Base64-encode non-text data input and use user-given content type preferred over content type that is determined from the content or name

@ndw ndw added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 26, 2013

@ndw ndw Apply fixes outlined in issue #99 lots of extensions to the Ant task …
…and a variety of code cleanups

@ndw ndw added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 26, 2013

@ndw ndw Apply fixes outlined in issue #99 lots of extensions to the Ant task …
…and a variety of code cleanups

ndw commented Jul 26, 2013

Wow. That was a lot of work, thanks Vampire!

There was one bug in your patch, in the handling of content types, so I didn't apply exactly what you suggested. Thanks for all the doc fixes and the work on the Ant task.

ndw closed this Jul 26, 2013

@ndw ndw added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 28, 2013

@ndw ndw Merge doc fixes from issue #99 into the docs branch; update docs repo…
… with latest libraries
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