Windows XP look for Cinnamon
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This project is dormant


make Cinnamon look and feel like the venerable Windows XP interface

based on Mint-XP (fmcgorenc) and Adwaita

Current Flavors


luna theme


homestead theme


metallic theme


royale theme


noir theme


embedded theme


zune theme

Theme contents

  • cinnamon
  • gtk-2.0
  • gtk-3.0
  • metacity-1
  • cursor


  • Tahoma (Default, Desktop, Document)
  • Trebuchet MS Bold (Window Title)
  • Franklin Gothic Medium (Start Button)

Suggested Settings

  • Antialiasing: Greyscale
  • Hinting: Full

These are required for full XP look, but not for theme to function. Fonts must be installed seperately.


  • QT apps have a few unavoidable bugs. If something "less buggy" is desired, open terminal, run qtconfig-qt4 and select "Windows" under GUI style (this will look Win98-ish but at least it won't have bugs)
  • LibreOffice 5.0 and above may use gtk3 by default (sorta) get the gtk2 theme add "export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk" to ~/.bashrc


General Users (Arch Linux and other bleeding edge distros)

  • Cinnamon 3.x
  • Gtk 3.20+

Linux Mint 17.x users

  • Cinnamon 2.x
  • Gtk 3.10

Linux Mint 18.x users

  • Cinnamon 3.x
  • Gtk 3.18

All Users

  • Pixmap and Adwaita gtk2 engines

Make depends (all users)

  • sassc (to build css from scss)
  • xcursorgen (to build the cursor theme)

Building sassc

Bleeding edge distros (Arch et al) should have sassc in the repo already. If not, need to compile from source. This will create a static-linked binary at /usr/local/bin/sassc.

Install build tools and git

  1. apt-get install build-essential
  2. apt-get install git

Build and install sassc

  1. git clone
  2. git clone
  3. cd sassc
  4. SASS_LIBSASS_PATH=../libsass make
  5. sudo SASS_LIBSASS_PATH=../libsass make install

Manual installation

  1. Run ./compile-theme in theme root directory. The result will be a file called "pkg"
  • Pass the -f parameter to specify the desired flavor
  1. Copy "CinnXP" directories in "icons" and "themes" into system wide paths (/usr/share/icons and /usr/share/themes) or user-wide paths (~/.icons and ~/.themes). Create directories as necessary
  2. In ~/.icons, make symbolic link called "default" and point it to the CinnXP cursor directory (this is required for QT apps and probably other stuff)
  3. move menu applet to the first position on the panel and open configuration; point icon to CinnXP/cinnamon/menu.png and change text to "start"

To compile for lower gtk versions, use the -g parameter. Pass ./compile-theme -h for details. This is necessary for Linux Mint.

Notes for testing

Run ./test-theme in the top-level directory to generate a directory of links to the appropriate gtk, cinnamon, and metacity files; the resulting file can be moved to ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes. This is to allow faster/easier live testing of these components without compiling the entire package as above. Note that cursor themes will need to be compiled during testing.

Command line args are analogous to compile-theme

ToDo List

  • Bug fixes
  • Automatic installation in compile-theme