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Telegram Bot that shows stats for the social network accounts
Clojure Dockerfile
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Messenger bot that shows some social stats.


Getting Started

  1. Start the application: lein run
  2. Go to localhost:8080 to see: Hello World!
  3. Read your app's source code at src/social_stats_bot/service.clj. Explore the docs of functions that define routes and responses.
  4. Run your app's tests with lein test. Read the tests at test/social_stats_bot/service_test.clj.

Developing your service

  1. Start a new REPL: lein repl
  2. Start your service in dev-mode: (def dev-serv (run-dev))
  3. Connect your editor to the running REPL session. Re-evaluated code will be seen immediately in the service.

Docker container support

  1. Configure your service to accept incoming connections (edit service.clj and add ::http/host "" )
  2. Build an uberjar of your service: lein uberjar
  3. Build a Docker image: sudo docker build -t social-stats-bot .
  4. Run your Docker image: docker run -p 8080:8080 social-stats-bot
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