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Django-like template inheritance for Rails (ActionView)
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ActionView django-like template inheritance

A gem that provides a set of helpers method to implement partial functionality of django template inheritance.

Things to keep in mind when playing around

  • Rendered top-level template will be passed with yield to your standard Rails layout. Remove your layout file or/and put “layout nil” to your controller that uses inheritance (ApplicationController?).

  • If you're not in top-level template and don't expect your value to render at this point you can use silient ruby embedding (<% %> instead of <%= %> in ERB and - instead of = in HAML) but it's safe to use <%=, = with every block. It'll keep working when you decide to make your template top-level.

Available methods

inherit(template_string) - Template string is what you'd normally pass to render, relative to app/views, without extensions.

block(name, value = nil, block) - Value or block are optional if it's a time to render your content defined in child templates.

enhance_block(name, value = nil, block) - Allows you to append content to default value in child templates.

clear_block(name) - Empties block defined in top level tempalte.

Example app


  • Add some support for super in block or block nesting to put things around a block in mid-level template.

  • Write some tests, better documentation?

  • Gather feedback to make it feel less shaky for adopters.

Some more reading


The gem is loosely based on a fragment posted in following blog post: Like that but with this: view inheritance in Rails by Inventive Labs.

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