Code for my thesis: water property rights in regulated rivers
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Water property rights in regulated rivers

All the code for my thesis: Water property rights in regulated rivers. For more info see my ANU site.


The repository contains two main cython modules econlearn (a machine learning toolkit) and regrivermod (a simulation model of a regulated river).

All of the parameter assumptions are contained in For a given set of parameters combines econlearn and regrivermod to solve the various versions of the model. The scripts, ..., implement sensitivity analysis. Finally, the results module is used to generate all of the figures and tables for my thesis.


regrivermod provides a simulation model of a simplified river system. The main purpose of regrivermod is to perform monte carlo simulation and record data (e.g., state transitions and payoffs). This data is then used to solve water storage problems by batch reinforcement learning (using the separate econlearn module).

regrivermod contains the following classes:

  • Storage: contains all of the hydrological detail of the model: inflows, storage, river flows and losses etc.
  • Utility: plays the role of a water utility, implements water accounting / property rights systems
  • Users: contains all detail related to consumptive water users: storage policy functions, demand functions etc. and solves the spot market
  • Simulation: combines all of the above classes to perform simulations and record data
  • SDP: a class for Stochastic Dynamic Programming, used to solve the planner's storage problem

Here's an example, simulating the planner's (SDP) solution (of the model from chapter 3):

from regrivermod import *
import Para                 # Parameter assumptions

# Build parameters
para = Para()
para.set_property_rights(scenario = 'CS')   # Capacity sharing water rights

# Build objects
storage = Storage(para)
users = Users(para)
sim = Simulation(para)
utility = Utility(users, storage, para)

# Solve planner's problem by SDP
sdp = SDP(para.SDP_GRID,  users, storage, para)
sdp.policy_iteration(self.para.SDP_TOL, self.para.SDP_ITER)

# Simulate the planner's solution
sim.simulate(users, storage, utility, 100, 4, planner=True, policy=True, polf=sdp.W_f)


econlearn is a small machine learning toolkit. Its main purposes is to implement the batch reinforcement learning algorithm: fitted Q-V iteration, using tile coding for function approximation. econlearn contains a range of fast machine learning algorithms suitable for low (i.e., <10) dimensions.

econlearn contains the following files:

  • tilecode.pyx: implements tile coding function approximation (supervised learning)
  • implements fitted Q-V iteration, with either tilecoding or random forest approximation (via scikit-learn).
  • samplegrid.pyx: selects approximately equidistantly spaced grids (i.e., sample grids)

Here's an example, solving the same planner's problem by fitted Q-V iteration (see chapter 8):

from econlearn import Qlearn

T = [6, 6, 3]               # Number of tiles per dimension
L = 25                      # Number of tile layers

# Feasibility constraints
Alow = lambda X: 0                  # W > 0
Ahigh = lambda X: X[0]              # W < S

sim.simulate(users, storage, utility, 50000, 4, planner=True, policy=False,

qv = Qlearn.QVtile(2, T, L, 1, 1, para.sg_radius1, para, asgd=True)

qv.iterate(sim.XA_t, sim.X_t1, sim.series['SW'], Alow, Ahigh, ITER=50)


This code requires installation of python with packages: cython, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn and pandas. If you don't have python yet a good option is to install Anaconda.

Next download or clone this repository. Then you need to compile the cython modules. On linux you can run script from the terminal. Just navigate to the install directory then type:


Otherwise run for both econlearn and regrivermod:

cd econlearn
python build_ext --inplace
cd ..
cd regrivermod
python build_ext --inplace