Software, utilities and documentation for the Z80-based NASCOM2 computer
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Software, utilities and documentation for the Z80-based Nascom computers.

  • PolyDos - code and documentaton for this excellent Nascom operating-system
  • converters - scripts for manipulating Nascom disk and binary images
  • gm808_eprom_programmer - code, photos and documentation for this 2708/2716 EPROM programmer
  • hw_sim - verilog simulation of the Nascom 1 video sub-system
  • sdcard - Arduino-based SDcard storage with all supporting software to run PolyDos and to extract data from your old floppies

Projects in planning

At the concept stage..

  • An adaptor to allow a PS/2 PC keyboard to be attached to a Nascom 1 or Nascom 2
  • A new hardware design that is 100% software compatible with the Nascom 1/2 but can connect to VGA and PS/2 keyboard
  • Get Nascom CP/M running on a Nascom 2 without the need for a special NASMD PROM


  • Email me or use the 'issues' button at the top on the github page.

  • Fork the project and make a merge request