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10 Ways to Improve Your Code (Neal Ford).pdf
Advanced DSLs in Ruby (Neal Ford).pdf
Ancient Philosophers and Blowhard Jamboress (Neal Ford).pdf
Communication Skills for Geeks (Neal Ford).pdf
Comparing Groovy and JRuby (Neal Ford).pdf
Construction Techniques for Domain Specific Languages (Neal Ford).pdf
Design Patterns in Dynamic Languages (Neal Ford).pdf
Emergent Design and Evolutionary Architecture (Neal Ford).pdf
Ford JRuby Tutorial for OSCON.pdf
Hands-on Agile Development Practices (Neal Ford).pdf
Introduction to JRuby (Neal Ford).pdf
Meta-programming Ruby for Fun and Profit (Neal Ford).pdf
On the Lam from the Furniture Police (Neal Ford).pdf
Rails in the Large-Building the Biggest Rails App (Neal Ford and Paul Gross).pdf
Real World Refactoring (Neal Ford).pdf
Regular Expressions in Java (Neal Ford).pdf
Test Driven Design (Neal Ford).pdf
The Productive Programmer - Mechanics (Neal Ford).pdf
The Productive Programmer - the Long Version of Mechanics (Neal Ford).pdf
Unit Testing that Sucks Less (Neal Ford).pdf
Visualizations for Code Metrics (Neal Ford).pdf
Web Punchlist (Neal Ford).pdf


This project contains PDFs of my conference presentations.

All my presentations are licensed under a Creative Commons Share-Alike, Attribution license, meaning that you are are free to reuse the material as long as you have as least the same license and that you note where the material originates.