A simple slideshow engine that should allow JavaScript demonstrations.
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Simple, HTML-based presentations - with JavaScript

The target user is a web developer presenting in front of an audience at a conference, meet-up, meeting, etc.

The goals for js-slideengine are (most important first):

  • Work in Gecko/FireFox (done)
  • PageUp/PageDown slide navigation (done)
  • Allow in-slide editing and execution of JavaScript (done)
  • Resolution independence (done)
  • HTML simplicity (done)
  • Look good (working on it)
  • Work in WebKit/Safari/Chrome (tested in Chrome)
  • Work in IE (not even close - oh well)

Instructions for Use

  1. Copy or rename template.html
  2. Edit the HTML file, giving each slide the "slide" class
  3. <jeffgoldblum>There's no step three</jeffgoldblum>

Little Details

  • Use textareas for your JavaScript code.
  • To avoid strange browser behavior on page reload, give each textarea a unique name.
  • Aforementioned text areas are automatically formatted to take the top half of the screen and are given "Go" buttons that will eval() their contents.
  • Any slide that contains just one element will have that element automatically centered.