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VERSION = $(shell grep ^Version DESCRIPTION | sed s/Version:\ //)
R --slave -e 'library(roxygen2); roxygenise()'
git add --all man/*.Rd
R CMD INSTALL --install-tests .
export NOT_CRAN=true && R --slave -e 'library(httptest); setwd(file.path(.libPaths()[1], "httpcache", "tests")); system.time(test_check("httpcache", filter="${file}", reporter=ifelse(nchar("${r}"), "${r}", "summary")))'
R --slave -e 'install.packages(c("httr", "codetools", "testthat", "devtools", "digest"), repo="", lib=ifelse(nchar(Sys.getenv("R_LIB")), Sys.getenv("R_LIB"), .libPaths()[1]))'
build: doc
R CMD build .
check: build
-R CMD CHECK --as-cran httpcache_$(VERSION).tar.gz
# cd httpcache.Rcheck/httpcache/doc/ && ls | grep .html | xargs -n 1 egrep "<pre><code>.. NULL" >> ../../../vignette-errors.log
rm -rf httpcache.Rcheck/
# cat vignette-errors.log
# rm vignette-errors.log
cd vignette-data && find *.R | xargs -n 1 R -f
man: doc
R CMD Rd2pdf man/ --force
R CMD INSTALL --install-tests .
mkdir -p inst/doc
R -e 'setwd("vignettes"); lapply(dir(pattern="Rmd"), knitr::knit, envir=globalenv())'
mv vignettes/*.md inst/doc/
-cd inst/doc && ls | grep .md | xargs -n 1 sed -i '' 's/.html)/.md)/g'
-cd inst/doc && ls | grep .md | xargs -n 1 egrep "^.. Error"
build-vignettes: md
R -e 'setwd("inst/doc"); lapply(dir(pattern="md"), function(x) markdown::markdownToHTML(x, output=sub("\\\\.md", ".html", x)))'
cd inst/doc && ls | grep .html | xargs -n 1 sed -i '' 's/.md)/.html)/g'
# That sed isn't working, fwiw
open inst/doc/getting-started.html
R --slave -e 'library(covr); cv <- package_coverage(); df <- covr:::to_shiny_data(cv)[["file_stats"]]; cat("Line coverage:", round(100*sum(df[["Covered"]])/sum(df[["Relevant"]]), 1), "percent\\n")'
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