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Dokku plugin to add custom configuration directives to the nginx vhost configuration on the dokku host.


Relevant use cases for when the nginx vhost configuration needs to be customized can be to set proxy timeouts in order to allow long running requests, setting specific SSL directives, enabled uploading of large files and the like.


git clone /var/lib/dokku/plugins/nginx-vhosts-custom-configuration

Simple usage

  1. Add a file containing your custom configuration to your app repo. For instance, you can call it and commit it in the root of your app's repository.

  2. Set the environment variable NGINX_VHOSTS_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION to the in-container path to the file above:

$ dokku config:set <app>             # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server config:set <app>  # Client side

You're done! This plugin will read app environment variable with in-container path to custom configuration file and import the custom configuration to the app-specific configuration on the dokku host.

Additional commands

nvcc:nginx.conf will display the current nginx.conf

$ dokku nvcc:nginx.conf <app>             # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server nvcc:nginx.conf <app>  # Client side

nvcc:nginx.conf.d will display the current nginx.conf.d/ directory contents

$ dokku nvcc:nginx.conf.d <app>             # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server nvcc:nginx.conf.d <app>  # Client side

nvcc:nginx-vhosts-custom-configuration.conf will display the current nginx.conf.d/nginx-vhosts-custom-configuration.conf contents

$ dokku nvcc:nginx.conf.d <app>             # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server nvcc:nginx.conf.d <app>  # Client side

nvcc:port will display the current container port

$ dokku nvcc:port <app>             # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server nvcc:port <app>  # Client side