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Examples for building on the NEAR blockchain

NEAR is an open source platform that accelerates the development of decentralized applications

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  1. NFT NFT Public

    Example implementations of tokens to represent unique assets, such as collectibles or deeds, using the NEP-171 spec (similar to ERC-721)

    Rust 348 264

  2. FT FT Public

    Example implementations of money-like tokens, where one token is the same as any other, using the NEP-141 spec (similar to ERC-20)

    Rust 119 99

  3. auction-examples auction-examples Public

    Forked from near-examples/auctions-tutorial

    A simple auction to exemplify how to build smart contracts


  4. cross-contract-calls cross-contract-calls Public

    How to make cross contract calls in NEAR protocol

    Rust 2 6

  5. frontend-multiple-contracts frontend-multiple-contracts Public

    Forked from gagdiez/frontend-multiple-contracts

    An example on how to interact with multiple contracts from a frontend

    JavaScript 5 1

  6. factory-rust factory-rust Public

    Forked from Learn-NEAR/factory-example

    Create and deploy contracts on sub-accounts

    Rust 4 4


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