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Gamma Ray

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Gammaray is a software that helps developers to look for vulnerabilities on their Node.js applications. Its pluggable infrastructure makes very easy to write an integration with several vulnerabilities databases.

Get It

In order to get it just run:

$> go get

Once it is finished, you should have the gammaray binary in your GOPATH/bin folder.

Build it

$> make


Gammaray comes as a single binary so you only need to run it passing your project as argument:

$> gammaray <path-to-your-node-app>

Gammaray supports the following flags:

-path - path to directory where package.json is located

-image - docker image to scan

-log-level - valid values: panic | fatal | error | warn | info | debug. The default is info.

-ignore-list - path to JSON file with CVE/CWE ignore array The sample file is shown below:

  {"CVE": "CWE-400", "description": "We ignore this because it does not affect us"},
  {"CVE": "CVE-2015-8851", "description": "We ignore this because it does not affect us"}

And that is all, all the vulnerabilities that affect your packages will be displayed.


As a developer

Clone the repository, then start hacking, PRs are welcome !

$> mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
$> cd $GOPATH/src/
$> git clone
$> cd gammaray
$> make dev-install

As security provider

You want to be integrated? Contact me here