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  • AWS autoscaling support (@mcollina @Nss)
  • Deployment queue, do one deployment at a time (@Nss)
  • Container names are now unique for each topology (@Nss) - breaking change.
  • new start/stop commands (@darragh-hayes)
  • A failing build in a buildall command should fail the command (@mcollina)
  • Analyzer and check/fix cycle working on process-container (@mcollina).
  • New syntax for the definitions (@pelger).
  • Specify an optional commit message (@pelger).
  • Add checkoutDir option to the definitions, so a user can specify where to check out the source code (@mcollina).
  • Added autoCheckoutDir option in the configs, which automatically populates the checkoutDir option to the git branch (@pelger, @mcollina).
  • Node v0.12 support.


  • Resolved reliability issues with process containers


  • Fixed ignored property in the process containers


  • Bad shrinkwrap resolved


  • System-specific config file and AWS support (@mcollina)
  • System-specific AWS credentials (@McDonnellDean)
  • Correctly link and unlink AWS AMI instances on fix reported by @darragh-hayes #72 (@mcollina)
  • Support local .jshintrc for systems (@darragh-hayes)
  • Avoid pulling on compile via config (@pelger)
  • Disambiguate correctly between systems with similar names if cwd is the system folder (@mcollina)
  • Temporarily removed nscale-api and nscale-web


  • Removed commit on build.
  • Set the git commit of the target container in the compiled JSON.
  • Swapped the old environment to new custom targets, no more automatic mapping. So now you can have 'development', 'staging' and 'production', or just 'monkey'.
  • deploy, analyze, ... a named target.
  • nscale-kernel cleanup.
  • containerDefinitions ids now contains the commit SHA.
  • container ids now contains the commit SHA.
  • moved the timeline out of system repo.
  • Removed alias in the services definition, you should rename container with blank-container, and process with docker. In practice this file is gone.
  • Removed commands: system clone, remote add, system put, system sync
  • support per target overrides in container definitions
  • full support for process containers
  • improved support for AWS machine tagging
  • full support for AWS load balancers
  • improved documentation


  • Working process-based containers with development mode
  • new development workflow tutorial.
  • Do not allow '-' in the system names #48.
  • Support custom branch in repositoryUrl.


  • Handle HTTP git urls inside service definitions
  • Protect against missing systems in the Kernel API
  • Better output on the client for missing systems


  • Integrated docker-registry-server, so that builds and pulls requires less time as it deduplicates
  • Analysis refactoring to complete faster



  • full AWS cold boot support
  • AWS configuration cleaned up
  • support for deployment on bare metal
  • preliminary supporto for DigitalOcean
  • improved kernel debug logging
  • corrected default configuration in web and api
  • removd unused code from nscale-util


  • Check javascript validity with JsHint before compilation
  • Improved error reporting for the compiler
  • Check on the logical validity of a system.js configuration
  • Support multiple root elements in the system.js
  • Added a direct environment for bare metal/ssh-only vms
  • Reduced disk space for image exports with gzip
  • Added a '-v' flag that display nscale version
  • Removed docker-registry-container and merged it with docker-container
  • Added Google Analytics opt-in usage tracking
  • Improved support for AWS


  • Improved support for AWS
  • AWS plugins now compatible with compilation process
  • Compiler support for addtitional attirbutes in topology section


  • Support for docker over TLS
  • Support for boot2docker 1.3.0



  • Fixed nsd cont buildall
  • Refactoring and added tests of nscale-kernel


  • nscale no longer deletes docker containers and images during build
  • introduced the new system compiler to avoid messing with system.json
  • added process containers
  • refactored of the analyzers to generalize the docker parts
  • improved the client output during build and deploy
  • added nsd sys link <path> command
  • added nsd cont buildall command
  • moved the checkout folders for containers repositories from .nscale to <system>/workspace
  • moved the build folders for containers repositories from .nscale to <system>/builds
  • improved system create, now using a better project generator


  • sudo arguments removed, now relies on membership of docker group
  • fixed git clone issue on hypenated urls
  • fixed hardcoded localhost in webapp
  • client code cleanup


  • filters added to local docker analyzer
  • nscale-system tag filter for AWS analyzer
  • system name tag added on AWS instance boot
  • improved error reporting for system commands
  • Refactor for common nscale docker analyzer


  • Remove virtualbox-container and use blank-container instead.
  • Merged boot2docker-container and docker-container, Linux and Mac OS X can now run the same examples.
  • Customizable kernel logging.
  • Correctly quoting paths with spaces.
  • Automatic system detection for nscale-client
  • SSH pre-connect to fix known_hosts problems
  • Error handling for missing github keys
  • Improved crash reports.
  • Added release policy.


  • Initial public release for 2014.