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Updated a docstring that had slipped through.

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1 parent 57efdb8 commit c37f7a221b3aea0b880259b7d5c915ef38b8bf43 @brosner brosner committed Oct 13, 2008
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@@ -304,9 +304,9 @@ def send(users, label, extra_context=None, on_site=True):
def queue(users, label, extra_context=None, on_site=True):
- A basic interface around send. Checks NOTIFICATION_QUEUE_ALL to determine
- behavior, but queue function argument can override global behavior on a
- per call basis.
+ Queue the notification in NoticeQueueBatch. This allows for large amounts
+ of user notifications to be deferred to a seperate process running outside
+ the webserver.
if extra_context is None:
extra_context = {}

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