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An overview of the NEAR protocol documentation. There is a Basics section, A Quick Start guide, and a list of tutorials. You can connect with us on our Github and on Discord.


NEAR Protocol is a scalable, developer-friendly platform for creating decentralized applications.

This documentation should provide you with everything you need to get started with NEAR as well as a reference to support ongoing development.

The Basics

If you're itching to jump right in and you don't want to follow a tutorial, the basics section will provide you with the cheat sheet you need to hit the ground running.

Quick start

The Quick Start section provides you with everything you need to:

  1. Quickly get an application running on NEAR using the online IDE
  2. Run and interact with DevNet in your local environment
  3. Build and run a node from source
  4. Connect to NEAR TestNet: sync local node to it and deploy apps


The Tutorials section contains several tutorials which will help you learn how to build, test and deploy smart contracts.

Protocol Details

The Protocol Details section contains in-depth information about the protocol itself.

Client API

The Client API section contains documentation for the NEARLib.js library.

Support & Community

If you have any questions about NEAR, you can get direct access to the team behind it and other members of the community through Discord.

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