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Contributor Quickstart

Welcome! If you are in this repository, you are probably interested in contributing to NEAR's development; whether through engineering efforts, content creation or event organisation. Maybe you have already an initiative in mind or you want to find ways to get started. In any case, you are in the right place.

This file lists several example contributions that we would love to collaborate on with the community i.e. you!

Contribution tasks



If you are interested in testing our documentation, guides and developer tools, head over to the following pages. We would love to jump on a call and get to know your insights, or you can submit directly issues in the respective repositories on GitHub. For more information on where and how to file issues, please head over to our developer contribution section.


  • Our API documentation needs work; we are looking for developers to dig through the documentation and create examples. Please submit changes to the docs repository.
  • We are always looking for more example applications. If you are interested in building a dApp, we would love to help you along the way and see the final result.
  • Create a walk-through example of how to use the NEAR-explorer or highlight different aspects of the NEAR-shell. An example walkthrough of the wallet can be found here. Please submit your example to the docs repository.

You can always ask questions on either of our developer channels or on StackOverflow.

Content creation

We receive lots of requests by the community on specific content they would like to see to better understand NEAR. To enhance diversity of thought, we would love to receive external contributions. Example content includes:

  • Write a blog post about use cases, open web, and business models on NEAR Protocol. You can also reach out to projects that are currently building on NEAR on Discord.
  • Create an info-graphic e.g. explaining transactions; in this case, you could base the info-graphic on the following video and the documentation.
  • Write a blog post, explaining the Economics on NEAR to a non-technical audience. You can base it on this paper.
  • Look through our YouTube and create a blog post on the same topic as one of the videos.

Contribute by improving (editing) these docs while reading them:

  1. You need a GitHub account to make edits, create one here*
  2. Click the edit button on this page in the docs (GitHub will open)
  3. Click the ✏️ icon to edit the page in GitHub (a web based editor appears)
  4. Edit and preview (use preview tab near the top of the GitHub web editor)
  5. Once satisfied, scroll to the bottom and create a new "pull request" for the change
  6. Submit and wait for your change to be reviewed

Event organisation and speaking

We are always looking for individuals, passionate about the open web and NEAR to share their insights with the wider community at events.

Do you want to get technical?

  • Validator workshops: Show attendees how to set up a node and become a validator.
  • What are dApps and how do they differ from "normal" applications? + Introduction to developing dApps on NEAR.
  • Talks on Blockchain Scalability Solutions. This may include Layer 1 (Sharding) and Layer 2 (Payment channels, Sidechains, Plasma, Optimistic Rollups) solutions. You can provide an introduction to NEAR's sharding design: Video explaining NEAR sharding
  • Introduction to NEAR’s Account IDs in comparison to other wallets.

Or are you more into social science?

  • Meetup on the role of governance of the commons, DAOs, technical governance etc.
  • Provide an introduction to sustainable business models on decentralised networks. You can reach out to some of the projects that are building on NEAR on Discord.
  • Host a talk that compares the economics in various protocols.

Next steps

If you like contributing to NEAR and would like to get formally involved with continuous contributions, the contributor program might be the right place for you.

Don't worry if you did not find anything that sparks your interest. You can always contribute in your own way. We would love to see what you come up with. Alternatively, you can message us on Discord to receive further inspiration.

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